Tok Tok Cuisine

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

a photo with short hair mama ♥ yes she got shorter hair now! looks younger, right?

random dinner with family on a sunday night! never realize such beautiful restaurant in my neighbourhood, until my mum told me about it—Tok tok cuisine, located at Pekaka Square.

the entrance

food menu
more to Thai food, and spotted 'tab tim krob', my favourite Thai dessert!

interesting name— Michael Jackson

Koay Chap, they dont serve this everyday. I dont eat koay chap but according to my mum, it was good!

Tomyam noodles! looks good with such tempting colour, and it tastes just like how it looks!

green curry rice! delicious!

Pattaya fried rice!

Tab tim krub!

is that a real gun? haha

ending this post with this super cute box for billing! till then ♥

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  1. Thanks for coming and glad you loved the place!


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