A date with Glian@Cozy in the rocket

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Finally meet up with Glian after so long ♥ she was back in penang for 3days and we had a great lunch together, super happy to spend an evening with her in Cozy in the rocket, a little nostalgic cafe in georgetown. we had a good time updating each other about our recent life :)

and ms Glian was not so familiar with all the cafes in georgetown as she lives life in kl now hahaha, so she took some time to find the place, moreover it jammed so badly that afternoon. i saw alot of comment of Cozy in the rocket about their bad services but it didnt happen on me, and they are good, very attentive and helpful to get a nice table for me! (it was very packed that day)

menu on the board

fresh passion fruit and lemon juice

one of their best- spaghetti cabonara with pork bacon! look at the golden yellow yolk, isn't it tempting? looks super good and it was creamy and cheesy, delicious! i would said it was one of the best cabonara in town!

spaghetti with bacon and asparagus! i am a big asparagus lover, this is definitely my dish! and im loving the crispy and salty bacon, perfect match with the fresh and tender asparagus, SO GOOD!

pretty doll ♥

after-meal-dish, tiramisu is always my favourite dessert! and Cozy's tiramisu was a really special one, the top part was soft and sweet, and the bottom part was some dark chocolate which was a little hard and bitter, and it was sprinkled with a little orange which i think it was a bonus for the dessert! 

the tiramisu costed us RM19, it was expensive but i think it really worth a try!

dirty mirror :(

another little corner in the cafe

enjoyed my day with you glian! come back often so that we can hangout more ok?

ps: thanks for the sauna ride hahaha:P

in case you dont know where is it, this is the exact location of Cozy in the rocket! hope it helps :)
map location of Cozy in the Rocket

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4 dreamers

  1. I heard their service is bad and every dish is priced on the higher side, i have yet to pay a visit but i'm still considering since quite a lot of bloggers did not really recommend the place...

  2. wow ur fren is pretty like a doll! =D
    i havent been there either! >.<

  3. Ken, yes i think its pricey too! we spent around RM85 for this meal :( but for me i think the food is good!

  4. Henry, yes she is! :D can go and have a try, its quite expensive tho


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