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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Good morning lovelies! how's your weekend?

got back from bangkok 2 days ago! perhaps i'll never get enough with bangkok, cause each time i went, i will love it even more. just completed my 11th bangkok trip! went to some old place like usual, also discover some new place that i've never been to, it was another great memory.

Here's some of the photos during the trip, will blog about them soon! so if you wanna know more, please follow this space closely :)
Asiatique, The Riverfront
finally took a ride of the farris wheel, missed it during my previous trip, i was really excited! enjoy the night scene of Chao Phraya River from the farris wheel was a fresh experience for me.

Yaowarat (Chinatown)
A MUST-EAT! please try these instead of the seafood stall! must eat food like chicken 
rice, the peppery koay chap and also the ice blended fruit juice! super yummy!

Yaowarat (Chinatown)
another favourite! the shop opens from the morning until evening, the crispy pork rice 

Siam Ocean World
This was my first visit here! it is one of the largest aquarium in south east asia!

Siam Center
siam center is so beautiful after renovation! it has digital ceiling every corner of the mall, and the restroom is so nice! why cant we have such beautiful restroom in malaysia? or maybe just a cleaner one?

Hachiban Ramen, Siam Center
yummy ramen with super affordable price, only 50baht for this ramen!

The Magnum Cafe, Siam Center
enjoy the fancy Magnum ice cream in a fine-dine dessert place, im feeling like im in the wonderland where alice been to!

Siam Paragon
shopping madness with alicia! she looks awesome in this dress, yes?

Melt Me, Thong Lor
super nice chocolate and ice cream here! definitely worth a visit especially for dessert lover, im sure you will never want to miss this, right? i am craving for moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Olivie Cafe, Terminal 21
i really enjoy the meal here, cause i was a little bored with Terminal 21 (im sorry) hehe so i enjoy sitting down and having some nice food, chit chat and laugh.

Mansion 7
this is a ghost-themed mall, which opens from 6pm and we're here at 4pm! at last we got back and visit again the next day!

Cabbages & Condoms
yes, condoms are everywhere! they are FOC btw, hahaha! had Thai food here for dinner, the environment was good, well decorated with beautiful lights.................. and condoms ;)

Sirocco, Lebua State Tower
i believe the picture above says it all! such breathtaking night scene of bangkok, perfect match with the super classy ambiance up there and the beautiful Dome behind us!

Kimju korean BBQ, Siam Square
some korean thingy for dinner! it was a buffet style bbq, worth the price because we're really big eaters haha

Ekamai Gateway
a japanese themed shopping mall with all the japanese food stalls, japanese clothing, etc! its my first visit here

Hakone, Ekamai
super yummy lunch! had thai food for a few days and finally can have some raw salmon, happy happy!

Kyo, Ekami
SO GOOOOOOOD! can someone please bring it to penang?

Sneaker Villa, Siam Square
baby did some shopping here! a hidden shop at siam square, not easy to find though

The Circle, Ratchapruk
a place far far far far away from the city! we took BTS until the end of a station then take a 10mins cab to the place!

S31, Sukhummvit
our hotel for the last two days! its the best hotel that i've ever stay in my life! our room was a duplex room, with a 7ft width bed! I SWEAR I WANNA GO BACK AGAIN

Mr Jones' Orphanage
its like stepping into a kid's fantasy world and got my diabetic craves fixed! i can die here, in the cakes, macaroons, pancakes, waffles, crepes, milkshakes...................................... 

Sky Cafe, Baiyoke Sky
a really unforgettable sky dinning experience! we get wet in the rain before dinner and fall sick the next day! overall was good, especially the open-air revolving deck on the 83rd floor of Baiyoke Sky!

so these was some of the places for this trip and i will update place by place soon! not much photos taken, cause most of the time we're busy shopping, no time for camera haha. oh yes and i've spent RM2200 for shopping, food and transportation! super satisfy for what i've bought by using this little cash, so like i always said,

ok im done! any question can leave a comment here, inbox me in facebook or text me :)
will be back soon!

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