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Monday, July 01, 2013

hello monday ♥ its not blue today! maybe because i had a wonderful weekend ;) 
and yesterday night was an unforgettable night for me, not really a terrible one but it was really close, cause i forgot my phone when im having dinner in Daorae (Bayan Point branch) with my family! i shouted so loud when the waiter ran out to chase our car with my phone on his hand, THANK GOODNESS!!!(Daorae is a heaven to me now!)
the world is not hopeless anymore! good people still living on this earth ♥

okay back to my current favourite German food! baby and I visited Ben's Diner weeks ago, it was at Sunway Tunas, super happy cause got to taste German food after so looooooooong! the shop was really humble-looking, will easily missed if not really know the route.

the signature bike in the house!


got featured in magazines and newspaper!

fresh dragon fruit juice and orange juice!

mushroom soup! a yum-yum 

Baby's pick- Lamb combo

Mine- Pork sausage and meatloaf

its a must-try for German food lover! really good food with reasonable price, i must say
will be back soon to fix my crave for the footlong german sausage! 

Ben's diner / Ben's Chef Restaurant
address: 1-45, Persianran Mahsuri 1/1, Bayan Lepas
phone: 04-6452790 

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