Breakfast sunny sunday@Gusto Cafe

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Good morning world!

live blogging from bangkok! no why, not because bangkok is boring, is just........ i really wanted a free, easy and maybe a little lazy trip, this is just a great escape of everything! im here spending this few days for what i like, and what i love doing, just like at this moment, im lying on the big bed with great city view beside me, in my pyjamas! im feeling great right now! ♥

alright back to the topic. had so much food lately, cause my baby sister is back in penang! last sunday, mum and dad brought us all the way to Tanjung Bungah for breakfast,.

sheu yeu and i in the car while on the way! ♥

saw the signboard and we were there-Gusto Cafe! right at the hillside at Jalan Kelian

full of angmos!

menu is on the board!

it was quite packed in the morning, our table was at the lower floor. and amazingly it was half outdoor, i really really love the natural sunlight, which, i can take beautiful pictures!

and it was well decorated with plants! love seeing so much green around me in the morning, especially while having breakfast, im feeling x10000 energetic! 

a living place beside us, with a few art pieces

our drinks—orange juice, cafe latte and strawberry lassi

my breakfast of the day—smoked salmon and scramble egg 

bagel, bacon and egg for sis

french toast with bacon and banana for mum

gus' english breakfast for dad

overall was good, just i think it was slightly pricy as our total bill was RM70+, just breakfast for four! but what's really worth was the time which a family can spend together like this, especially for a good breakfast like what we had here ♥

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  1. ambiance looks good, never heard of this place before, thanks for recommending, food looks okay-average and yea, rm70+ for breakfast is expensive :x


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