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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The mugshot cafe is a hot spot in georgetown lately, it is one of the must-visit cafe which serves great bagel, yogurt and coffee! the shop was kind of humble-looking, you will miss it if you are searching for Mugshot's fascia, the name itself was printed on the bamboo hangings, Mugshot is just right beside the Rainforest bakery!

kokyang! ♥
our date of the day!

the interior was simple and nice! seeing those wooden chairs remind me of my good old time in school :) 

menu on the board

a must-try in Mugshot, kiwi honey yogurt and mango wallnut yogurt! 


hot chocolate

wild berries tea for jiahui

poppy seeds bagel with smoked salmon

turkey ham with cranberry sauce

zen! kisses?


the signature photo corner in Mugshot cafe

a MUST-TAKE! right?
btw i missed out an 'o' hahaha

chilling after work is good! although i looks tired haha, but what i can say is, its a great way to release stress and share gossip which you cant share during work ;) 

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2 dreamers

  1. Their bagels are good but i find the yogurt was okay only and quite expensive, will only go back for novelty i guess

  2. Yes agree it was quite pricey! however i feel the kiwi yogurt is better than the other two, cause it has a little honey, girls will love it haha


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