The latest mall in town!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

i believe most of the people in penang had already paid a visit to the latest mall in town, Gurney Paragon! so how was it? for me, i think i have too much expectations already *sorry* BUT, cant deny that it is a very beautiful shopping mall, especially the middle part which combined St. Jo together, im loving the transparency of the building, sunlight shining through the large glasses on the ceiling.

was there right after the opening ceremony! 

and, i went almost everyday for lunch nowadays, Gurney Paragon is now 3 minutes walking distance from my new office at Lorong Leandro's!

my boss posing for me! lol. he's the emcee for the day!


so finally i went with my big boyfriend last saturday and had our dinner at Rakuzen! unlike any other, we got no patience to queue for Sushi Zanmai or Pasta Zanmai, Rakuzen has a shorter queue so we decided to go for it.

a satisfied meal :)

Shojikiya, Sushi Zanmai, Pasta Zanmai, Rakuzen and Hokkaido ice cream are on the 6th floor. Extremely happy because finally they landed in penang! looking forward for more :)

some pics around the mall

and H&M, not sure it will be open on 1st of August or 6th of August?

MNWKA cap // H&M top // Topshop pants // Vivienne Westwood x Melissa jelly flats

St. Jo

brand new Starbucks coffee 

light up at night, isn't it beautiful?

by the way, has been hearing a lot of complaint about the carpark of Gurney Paragon, i never really been to the carpark yet, was it really that bad? gonna check it out next week. so everyone of you please be extra careful while driving in the car park!

shall stop now, bed time! xo

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5 dreamers

  1. How's the pricing for Rakuzen? I heard its more expensive as compared to Sushi Zanmai... H&M has postponed their opening, no longer 1st of August though

  2. Yes Ken! its expensive! a set like above is RM30-RM35, and it tasted so-so to me, rather go for sushi zanmai :D

  3. thanks for sharing. that's a beautiful place


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