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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Spending a wonderful afternoon with mum and two little sisters at D Fahrenheit Yogurt! i am a yogurt lover, and i really dont think that yogurt can goes well with main course or any poultry, dont you think yogurt should always pair with fruits? at first i really dont felt like visiting this place, not until my sister wanting to go so badly, so, i decided to give it a try!

a photo with my mum, and marilyn monroe ♥

in the cafe, take a look at those chairs! it was a sexy corset on each chair! what's better than that? *evil grins*

half body mannequin, or sexy legs under every table 

young and beautiful girls in the house

cheesy dory fish!

mexican pork

nachos with yogurt dip!

kimono chicken

chocolate rum

mixed berries vodka

overall the food was ok, and the thing that really impressed me was their dessert! we ordered two for sharing, and it turned out really good! will definitely back for their dessert someday ♥

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1 dreamers

  1. I haven't tried on their mains yet, but as you said, their desserts are generally good, i don't think i will go for their mains though *judging from the presentation*


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