Fig Tree Fun!

Saturday, August 03, 2013

If you have been eyeing on my blog lately, im sure that you will realize that, i have a new camera! and this was my first occasion using it! im so happy because i finally get myself a new camera after 3 years! my old pinky cam can be officially retired! ♥ 

back to June, my company was having a 2D1N getaway at Fig Tree Hill. yes its a getaway but its still on the island haha, my busy bosses got no time for outstation, Fig Tree Hill was a perfect place, because its located in the middle of the jungle, around 5km from the off road at sungai ara, and it has no phone signal at all!

small road lead us to the villa

reached the main entrance of Fig Tree Hill

loving the reflection of the trees in the pool! so beautiful!
such a relaxing placeeeeee!

spa and massage available too!

view of our villa from the car park 

this was another smaller villa beside us

our villa was Cempaka, we choose this mainly was because it has a karaoke system!

our dinning area, with breathtaking jungle view all around us

a resting area just right beside the main door

the living area was spacious and beautifully decorated! loving how they even covered up the air-corn nicely

first bedroom with princess bed nets

second bedroom

half-outdoor showering! MAD LOVE!

they even have a jacuzzi in the villa! nothing's better than dipping in the jacuzzi and enjoying the greens.

recreation area

corridor which leads us from the dinning area to the recreation area 

another corner in the living room 

with zen, my favourite colleague! 

cant stop camwhoring hehehe!

meet Matt, our new designer!

nelson, head of the event team

and jiahui, my pretty senior!

we were there earlier to prepare all the props that we needed!

and super cute head-gears and funny sunglasses

and chilled beer!

dinner was about to serve!

the food was quite good, so much better than what i've expected!

after-meal-shower! the feeling was great ♥

some drinking and games session!

sooling and mindy bottoms up! ♥

banana+sprite! googled it and it was the combination to make people thrown up if finish them in a hurry!

super healthy drink! made from carrot, milk, celery, tofu and whatever stuff

gwen! beautiful as always haha

wasabi thingy

my bosses were.................

sweetie pie mindy

gwen! hottest emcee in town!

loving my extra-large pinky specs! 

polaroid shots!

groupie shots!

ending this post with my face! ♥ 

it was a great experience to have fun with all my colleagues in such beautiful place, especially when there's no signal or wifi, we can really enjoy ourselves with everyone by putting aside all the phones and laptops! i miss it already :( 

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