Relaxing sunday@Moustache Houze

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Spent my lovely sunday with Yueshi and Pathelyn! i havent seen them for at least 10 months already, and we need a nice and cozy place for us to chitchat and catch up.

Moustache Houze is a little chic cafe at Campbell Street, its new in town, and from the facebook the place looks really cute ♥ im in love with all those mustache's photos!

it was very crowed that day! once we put our orders through, we were on high alert hoping to snag an empty table – either way, it'd be much more comfortable with more space and room to eat. we finally got a small table after waiting for 10mins, it was a little squeezy because our table was meant for two. we were really lucky and spied a group leaving from upstairs so we quickly hopped off to the empty space at 3rd floor—the bean bag area! 

happy happy!

we ordered 3 pieces of cake and 4 drinks

Yueshi's cafe latte

my hot Chamomile tea

Strawberry ice cube

Kiwi ice cube

the ice cubes were actually made from freshly blended fruits! another creative way to serve a fruity and flavourful drinks

My favourite piece among three, Dream cake!

with Pat! ♥

it was pretty spacious up there, i like the balcony and natural sunlight, got so comfortable whilst soaking in the sunlight! 

Campbell Street

view from level 2

and went to have a look at the room at level 2 before we leave!


having a great time here!

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6 dreamers

  1. Great pictures I like them all :)
    Can i know the exact location of this place?

    1. Thanks! here's the address: No. 24 Campbell Street, 10100 George Town. it is at your left if you are driving along campbell street.

  2. You didn't try their Tiramisu? You should have ordered that! haha

    1. i wanted to! but not much choices that day
      i want to try their tiramisu and crepe :(

  3. i had their red velvet and liked it! it's a cosy cafe!

    1. hi constance! :D
      sadly i didnt see any red velvet that day :( but i really love the environment!


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