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Friday, August 30, 2013

Have you heard of Isaac toast? my first impression of Isaac toast was from a Korean travel guide which my sis bought last year, it is one of the must-eat in South Korea!

 this yummy korean sandwich is originated from South Korea and they have hundreds of outlets there, and now, Isaac Toast & Coffee is in Queensbay Mall! — it is the first outlet in Malaysia.

located at lower ground floor, just opposite Sticky candy, very easy to find!

as for the menu its pretty simple, basically just sandwiches, but its the ingredients they put on the toast that really makes these stand out. you’ll find the basic things like ham, cheese and cabbages, but then they also throw egg mixed with corn and their special Isaac sauce to top it all off.

they will only prepare the toast after every order to make sure every customer will have fresh and warm toast! 

Turkey Ham Cheese Toast // RM7.30
 the saltiness of the chicken ham neutralize the sweetness of their speciality Isaac sauce, simple and nice!

Pizza Toast // RM7.90
it has pepperoni chicken, mushroom, mozzarella cheese, egg with their special pizza sauce, you will definitely love it if you are a pizza person.

Hashbrown Toast // RM7.50
 one of the popular toast!

Chicken/Beef MVP Toast // RM9.90
my favourite toast! 
the patty is soft and juicy! the worst patty is when they’re dry and salty, and this piece makes none of these mistakes: the patty is incredibly moist! was told that the patty is actually 99% made from meat, unlike most of the burger patty is just 50% meat only. also, i always like sandwiches with some veggies cause it will be less greasy.

how can a good toast complete without a good coffee?

Caramel Macchiato // RM8.50
Cafe Mocha // RM8.50
Cafe Latte // RM7.50 (bear art is upon request)
a cute coffee art like this can really brighten up my day :)

Hot Chocolate // RM7.50
Green Tea Latte // RM7.50
Cappuccino // RM7.50 (Cat-puccino is upon request ;))
3D miao miao coffee art! to cute to be eaten ♥

Kiwi yogurt smoothies // RM7.50 & strawberry yogurt smoothies // RM7.50

Isaac Toast will be having a promotion for their grand opening on 31st August and 1st September! Just 'like' MY Isaac Toast Facebook page and GET A FREE BEVERAGE! (terms and conditions apply)

visit their fan page for more info alright!

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