Brunch with my bffs@The Living Room, Macalister Mansion

Sunday, September 15, 2013

and i've been too moody to blog! my right face was swollen and it was really painful the few days back.... i thought its gonna be that forever T________T but thank goodness, im getting better and so my blogging mood is now on!

it was on early august, happy brunching with the ladies and a lazy afternoon of tea and chit chat! 

The Living Room—its at the left wing of Macalister Mansion

love at first glance with the ambience— simple, clean, mix and match with the vintage floor, green plants on the white ceiling and most importantly, the natural lighting that bright up the entire environment.

our table

Venus, pretty like always ♥

in my simple pinky dress that day! ♥

Valentine Breakfast Tea // RM20 per pot
they serve a wide range of TWG here, and that day i picked a pot of classic tea

Sabien came after awhile!

Glian with her boyfriend, Jaz

the food served after awhile!

Truffle Egg White Scramble // RM24
on brioche toast with sautéed mushroom, momotaro tomato, micro cilantro, creme fraiche and meslun

Unagi and Scramble Egg // RM23
on sourdough, hondashi mayo, pickled shallots, chive and bonito flakes

Poached Duck Egg // RM22
on a soft toasted wheat english muffin with kaffir lime hollandaise, sea salt, mesclun and balsamic reduction

nothing better than a runny yolk and creamy egg white for a poached egg! yummm...........

greatest moment that four of us are all here on the island ♥

this photo was taken during our first trip together, it was 6 years back! and so, happy 8th anniversary to our friendship!

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4 dreamers

  1. Prices seem wallet-friendly, shall hunt for this place in the near future :p

    1. yes! cause i expect it to be more pricey too hahaha


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