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Monday, September 23, 2013

One of my new favourite places to grab a coffee to kick start the weekend is Brew Thirty Two Cafe located at Jalan Green Hall. yes, just a few door next to Kaffa Espresso Bar! 

plain water was served right after we grabbed a table! and gary and i were shocked and thought the water was spilling out hahaha, very cute pointe-based glass!

and they also have some rounded based! so cute!

Massive love for the union jack sofa bed! ♥ and i've just bought a union jack carpet for my room weeks ago! SUPER LOVE IT, it styled up my simple room so well!

one thing i love about this place is, i dont feel like im in a cafe or restaurant, sitting on the sofa bed and having a cuppa coffee makes me feel home or at a friend's place? feeling comfortable with it's simple, clean and bright ambience.

one of my very best coffee pal—choo pug eng

awesome photographer made me have a CLEARER JAW LINE! haha ok, illusion is illusion....
by the way, im having their all day breakfast

All day breakfast // RM11.90
a simple simple breakfast, personally i love the bread!

Grilled pork burger with bacon // RM11.90
nothing fancy, but not bad. 

Spaghetti bolognese // RM12.90 
Cafe latte // RM8
Iced chocolate // RM10.90
Cucumber ice blended // RM10.90
its my first time trying this at Brew32, cool and refreshing....... simply love it!
sadly, two weeks before i had this for RM8.90 but i went last Friday, it was RM10.90 already :(

Bailey caramilk // RM9
it contains alcohol! pretty good!

Hot chocolate // RM9
Kiwi passion smoothies // RM11.90
Rum and raisin crepe cake // RM11.90
Lemon cheesecake // RM11.90
Address: 32, Jalan Green Hall, 10200, Georgetown Penang.

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4 dreamers

  1. Their kitchen was closed during my visit sadly, i don't seem to remember they serve ice blended fruit juice either? Did they add some new items on their menu?

    1. yup! they have kiwi passion and banana passion now! also added some iced tea!

  2. the industrial piping on the wall reminds me of Mustache Houz, both eatery related ke?
    the pricing is quite reasonable! gonna pop by if got chance! thanks for sharing :D

    1. hmmm i don't think they're related! but the piping very nice leh so everyone loves it!


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