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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

too much coffee lately? time to have some green tea!

Miam miam—a French+Japanese restaurant located at Gurney Paragon ground floor, beside Ben's.


Ice lemon tea // RM8.80
Iced matcha latte with softee // RM12.80
the matcha latte was creamy and fragrant! definitely a must-try for green tea lover!

Miam miam spaghetti // RM24.80
it was delicious and the portion was quite generous! i think it tasted more to japanese, i love they have onsen egg and mushroom.........myam!

Pot-baked Matcha Souffle // RM16.80
the souffle itself was extremely soggy and eggy, full of the scent of greentea! tumbs up!

Chocolate and banana souffle pancake // RM19.80
the lashing of chocolate sauce, sweet bananas and warm souffle pancake were welcomed components and flavour combos to the dish. i will come back for this lovely dessert ♥

Matcha kanten and ogura souffle pancake // RM19.80
didn't add any syrup because overall it was a little over sweet, especially the soft mushy red beans....... it was just too sweet for my liking

oh by the way, i really wanted to try their french toast but sadly, i was there twice (quite late during weekends) and ITS SOLD OUT! hah i think i have to be earlier next time

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7 dreamers

  1. I like their french toast. I wish i had ordered their miam miam spaghetti instead of squid ink which was disappointing. The crowd and queue make me skeptical in going back, it seems like the place is always packed with crowd during weekends :x

    1. very very good business! i need to go earlier for their french toast next time :(

  2. wahh their portion is huge!!! which comes with a price..

  3. Nice food review!

    Ho Chiak


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