Siam Ocean World, Bangkok

Friday, September 27, 2013

finally! we did something other than eat or shopping! *YAY!* the last time i visited an aquarium was................... long long time ago. Siam Ocean World is one of the largest in South East Asia, and super easy to reach—two levels underneath the glitzy Siam Paragon. 

we went out quite early that day, we're on our hotel's tuk-tuk, nice, clean and comfortable!

took some pics first before heading down to B1!

gary i really wanna bitch slap you!

purposely wore my ombre jeans to match the ocean! got feel no? hahaha ♥

we got the value pack! 700baht for admission, glass bottom boat and also the 5D cinema!

going for the glass boat ride first! 

frankly speaking, i was a little disappointed cause the place was small and the ride was really short! the bottom of the boat was not really glass, its just a small window which i have to keep starring on it to see a fish.......... cause not every fish will swim underneath the boat, right? and i was trying so hard to snap a pic on the shaky boat :(

somehow my mission accomplished! :目 

rain forest thingy next!

amazing amazon was not amazing at all! i skipped this part cause those spiders were too scary

super cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and cute hermit crab!
i took this when im eating my criss-cut fries while waiting for the three of them...... i was bored......... i cant enjoy seeing any fishes or animals at this age anymore..... im old tired.....

then it was my favourite part of the ocean world, THE UNDERWATER TUNNEL! 
feeling awesome surrounded by sharks!

super huge sting-ray! i have no idea sting rays could grow so large.


finally a photo of the four of us and we're all wearing white that day! ♥ i think white is the best colour to wear, imagine you are wearing dark colour in a dim place like the aquarium, photo also 不起色 right?

i see mermaid!

feeding show!

our underwater world tour ended with taking pics with all the sea animals mascot:

shopping at the souvenir corner before heading to the 5D theater! 

5D Cinema Xtreme! not as good as we expected, very typical kind of 5D movie LOL

Siam Ocean World Bangkok
Location: Basement 1 & Basement 2, Siam Paragon
By BTS: Siam station
Contact: +6626872000
Opening hours: 10am-9pm daily

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