Weekend chill@Kaffa Espresso Bar

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

i think i’ve found another cafe that i can add on to my favourites list! currently in love with this beautiful little cafe at Jalan Green Hall, was there twice for the last two weeks, another nice place to relax and spend time with my fellow friends, also a new place for our 'TGIF' session LOL.

cozy ambience. the staff members are friendly and accommodating, the decor is fun and lovely with a huge Beatles mural on the bricked wall and little light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. 

menu on the board! self-service so we have to make the order at the counter

my nomz-mates soul-mates! ♥

Orange juice //RM6   Homemade lemonade // RM8   Iced lemon tea // RM6
Mocha // RM12

Piccolo latte // RM8
Salted caramel macchiato // RM12.50
Salted caramel macchiato // RM12.50
haha yes they're both salted caramel! but it looks so different LOL!
i have a sip of gary's and i like it so much! SUCH. BLISS.

Cappuccino // RM10
Somersby // RM16
Soup of the day-Mushroom soup // RM5.90
i didnt put high expectation on this, but its good! i just had THE SALTIEST MUSHROOM SOUP EVER on the day before, at Sam's Deli (lower ground floor beside Sam's Groceria) Kaffa's was so much better! hot, creamy and not so saltly!

Spaghetti creamy tomato // RM20.90 
YUMMY! my favourite among all!

Oriental Chicken // RM20.90
quite good! the chicken was well seasoned, but, im not so into black pepper so.....

Big bites breakfast // RM18.90
mine! to me this is good, i can finish the whole thing by myself ;) everything is just nice, not salty! (yes i hate salty food) i love the sautéed mushroom, and the hash-brown which is not oily at all!

Smoked salmon sandwich // RM16.90
Portobello Mushroom // RM20.90
Coffee crepe cake // RM7
Cheesecake // RM10
we moved to upstairs after meal! nice right?

and! Chris, my lecturer, was with us that night, its been awhile since our last catch up with him

everyone of us!

sipping my cappuccino, hehehe 

raymond! hahahaha LONG TIME NO SEE HOR


we're lucky, cause its quite windy that night

my face looks smaller, right? hahaha

gary my love! ♥

sky juice! its refillable, i think we had three bottles that night?

coffee mug for sale at the counter!

opening hours! and they're pork free! :)

Address: 22, Jalan Green Hall, 10200, Georgetown Penang.

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4 dreamers

  1. No more pork free, after you been there.

    1. hahahaha and you! WHY YOU SO FAST ONE

  2. I was there for a drink, ambiance's good no doubt but their drinks were horrible, i had lemonade (turned out to be DAMN sweet) and iced lemon tea (way too sour until i could barely open my eyes). Haven't tried their food but sad to say, their drinks were way below par, i don't think i want to try their mains eh :(

    1. that's bad :( but i tried their coffee and they're good! and we didn't expect much on their food but surprisingly it's good! im so lucky :D i think you can try their food, especially their pasta is quite nice.


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