Dreamy dinner@Decoupage Art Cafe

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

im in love with this beautiful little place! never notice this cafe until last month, baby brought me here for dinner. he said 'you will love this place!'

so nice!!! cottage kind of decoration with so many rabbits! ♥___


seriously i wish i can have all these in my room! but my mom will probably gone mad

Decoupage Art Cafe is a home-styled cafe, the menu will be changed daily according to the chef, they will see what they get from the market, or maybe depends on their mood? so its better to make a call and ask for the menu before you pay a visit! and on that day we had:

lime juice on the left and roselle juice on the right! roselle is always my favourite but i never had this colour of roselle juice before, i thought it will always be purple red?

herbal soup noodle with egg

the soup was tasty, very homey! i felt like im home and eating noodles with the soup that boiled by my mom.

spaghetti bolognese
overall was ok, just that the spaghetti was a little over-cooked :(

durian puff

was a bit disappointed with this..... i expected it would be like Dragon-i's or maybe like Taste Better's durian puff? the puff was too thick and the durian was watery, couldnt taste any of the durian meat :(

with the fatty boy! hehehehe ♥

walk around the garden and took some photos before leaving!

my favourite rabbits everywhere! ♥

Decoupage Art Cafe
Adress: 2Q, Lorong Delima 7(Island Glades)
Phone: 0164121113

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4 dreamers

  1. this one is near to the genting cafe there? i always thought it's a shop selling vintage furniture! #phail

    1. yup! a very cute shop! i thought its a wedding planner at first haha

  2. Just outside my house LOL, tried once, nothing special, not cheap too with that kinda portion

    1. your neighbour? hahaha! the food really so-so but then the decoration super cuteeee


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