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Saturday, October 12, 2013

im finally here! ♥

with the giant magnum ice cream!

Magnum cafe, Siam Center is the first and only outlet in Bangkok, just started their business on the early 2013. the cafe is very beautiful, its like stepping into the wonderland seeking for alice magnum!

the dessert table and macaroon tower right outside of the cafe, very eye catchy! everyone that pass-by will definitely stop for photographs!

loving the bunny ears!
there's a large projected screen on the wall, short animation of the wonderland.

the magnum boutique, for take-away!

the cafe was quite spacious, well-decorated by putting alot of attention into the atmosphere, love the fancy decor and ambience so much!

complimentary sky juice! super cute petite bottle! 

our picks from the menu!
oh by the way, they are serving main courses too, like pasta, pizza...... but we just had our dinner so we can only try the dessert! 

gary and alicia ohh-ing and ahh-ing over their beautifully presented dessert!

meringue berry // 170baht
how awesome is the presentation?! it tasted as good as it looks!! the textures from fluffy and soft meringue paired with magnum, dark chocolate and lemon sauce… bliss! Strawberries are a bonus and a welcome to the palate to cut through the sweetness. YUMS!

brownie et conj fumee // 170baht
perfect hickory smoke brownie paired with green tea magnum and thick chocolate mousse!

brownie conj fraise fondue // 360baht
super cute mini fondue set that we can decorate our own chocolate brownie! the brownie was good, rich and thick but not too sweet.

the melted chocolate was DELISH! nothing much to say, magnum's chocolate is always good


even the bill can be that creative!

Magnum Cafe Bangkok
Location: Ground floor, Siam Center
By BTS: Siam station
Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily
Facebook: Magnum Thailand

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5 dreamers

  1. Oh no... not a place for me, i'm not really a huge fan of chocolate :p

  2. So the place is still open? Was told it was open only until June

    1. im not sure? but why close? i was there on July

    2. Well, its officially CLOSED now... Seems like no more place to enjoy the Magnum aldy in Bangkok.. :(



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