Kizuna Japanese Restaurant

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

im feeling guilty now because i've missed out this awesome japanese restaurant for so long! Kizuna located at Bay Avenue (the shop-lots beside Eastin Hotel, near Queensbay Mall) which means just 3mins driving distance from my house and i didn't notice this hidden place :(

the interior of the restaurant—pretty simple, mainly dark brown and wooden. 
the dim environment was brighten up with all the beautiful lightings: 

the huge rattan ball string lights and the interesting wall lights

and this display rack which can change the colour of the light, ♥ it!

and candlelight on every table, romantic?

sake available here!

Sashimi moriwase with maguro otoro // RM199
Assorted sashimi! 12pieces of fresh tuna, squids, octopus, prawns, surf clam, salmon sashimi..... 

fresh firm flesh! so so so tasty!

Maguro otoro // 5pieces for RM120
never forget to mention the best thing of this dish was the TUNA BELLY—maguro otoro! 'Otoro' is the part taken from the actual under-belly inside the tuna, which is the best and finest part of a tuna! and it usually comes in soft pink with vibrant white colored lines, which is the delicious oily lines which typically give it that magnificent tastiness! 

Dragon maki // RM22.90
so beautiful right? deep fried jumbo prawns, topped with avocado and unagi, also a little bit of mayonnaise and ebikko, my favorite combination!

Hokkigai sashimi
Hokkigai, which means 'surf clam' in chinese we called it '北寄贝'. we have two pieces on the previous dish (assorted sashimi) but its so yummy we were so excited to have another plate of it!

Roses Hotate // RM75
another favourite of mine, the scallop was huge and juicy, the meat was succulent with a natural sweetness. they're cooked with a kind of seafood orange sauce, tasted very unique, along with the flesh from the salmon evaporating while indulge in it!

Foie Gras with Black Cod // RM95
foie gras is like the tastiest food in the whole wide world! its not easy to prepare but the chef got it just nice. it was rich, sort of creamy in texture. it has the perfect bit of crispy fat on the edge, and the soft crumbly fat melting on the good!

Teppanyaki jumbo prawn // RM49.90
loving the presentation of this dish! it was very thoughtful of them to devein and peel the prawns, so that we can enjoy this meal without making our fingers dirty.

Buta Amiyaki // RM19.90
chewy and well-marinated pork slices! which i think they were a little too salty for me, perhaps it would be perfect if i have some rice to eat with?

Ishiyaki Wagyu // RM119
i think it really worth the price with such portion! well well, im not a meaty person but i can never refuse wagyu beef when i see the beautiful marbling of the meat! it will always remain juicy no matter how long we grill it on the hot stone. and, according to the boss, they will be adding kobe beef in the menu very soon.

look at the smokeeeeeeee! i did not edit anything!!! too surprise that i can actually snap such dramatic smoke effect. ok so you can feel the temperature from the smoke now

this dish comes with teriyaki and wasabi sauce. personally i prefer wasabi sauce, its not the typical wasabi sauce which is thicker, it was darker and looks more like soy-sauce to me, but it tasted really good with the beef!

i will be back for ishiyaki kobe + sake, ehehehe!

Adress: C-9-1, Bay Avenue
Phone: 04-6383491 / 012-555 8983
 Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10.30am-3.00pm, 5.30pm-10.30pm
Saturday & Sunday 1.00pm-10.30pm

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5 dreamers

  1. i love sashimi! imaginary om nom nom nom since i can't afford the real thing :(

    1. i love sashimi too!!! saving $ for a japanese buffet to swallow all the sashimi hehehe

  2. The foie gras with black cod sounds interesting to me :)

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