Sector Focused Career Fair 2013@USM

Sunday, October 13, 2013

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visited the Sector Focused Career Fair(SFCF) by Talent Crop Malaysia in USM last sunday! it was a fruitful morning, i got to know more about other sectors and career choices, also have the opportunity to catch a slot of career talk by the representative from Iskandar Malaysia!

was there at 10am and registered myself!

SFCF is open to all undergraduates from IPTA or IPTS with career choices in 11 sectors of the national key economy areas (NKEAs) :

- oil and gas
- electronics and electrical
- IT
- telecommunication
- finance
- accounting
- healthcare
- tourism
-FMCG (fast moving consumer goods)
- education

but for this time, the joint effort between Talent Crop and USM mainly focused on sciences, healthcare and social sciences, with more than 30 participated companies!

most of the companies were quite familiar, for example Telekom, DNP, Alliance, Dream Catcher, First Solar, Mattel, Bernas, Fitness Concept, Southern Steel and so on, im sure anyone that is looking for a job will definitely have a opportunity here! of course, choosing the right job is also very important too, so basically SFCF helps the visitors to get one step closer to know more the company and raise their awareness on real-life working environment! 

besides, it allows visitors and employers to exchange views and experience, which i think that is super important, because, when i was a student, i was really curious about the working life, i visited career fair too when i was about to graduate, looking for a job and also worried that i might not capable of handling the job given. so its really good that a chance given to interact with the companies in a relaxed atmosphere, right?

joined their career talk at the first floor after that!

representative of Talent Crop introducing the speaker from Iskandar Malaysia!

the talk was pretty interesting! the point that i found which im totally agree: DONT BE LAZY TO SEND YOUR RESUME a lot of jobless people claimed that they couldn't find a job, according to the speaker, if you can send your resume to 10 companies a day, after a week you will definitely get a few calls, then you will have to prepare for interviews, lastly, you can compare and accept the job that suits you!

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