Victoria Sweet Pastry@Vantage Desiran

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


starting this post with the giant pinky macaron! SO CUTE RIGHT! hehehe

Victoria Sweet Pastry located at Vantage Desiran, the new shop-lots beside Tesco Tanjung Pinang. if you are coming from town area, Vantage Desiran will be on your right before Tesco.

pinkish interior with beautiful lightings, wooden floor, simple white tables and chairs, flower pots on every table

another seating area beside the entrance, looks like a corner from some princess room?

with Jennifer! the sweet young lady

look at these desserts! how could anyone say no? it had my name written all over them :D

our stash for the night:

Ma berry macaron // RM8.90

a majority of us enjoyed the pinky macaron with strawberry fillings with the consensus that it was ‘just right’ in terms of sweetness... the filling was good, with fresh strawberries and jam, a little bit of the sourness neutralize the sweetness of the macaron!

Tiramisu // RM9.90

Vanilla pear cake // RM10.90
refreshing flavours, light and fruity!

Lemon meringue tart // RM8.90

surprisingly its not sweet, im loving the lemon, very refreshing!

Chocolate passion fruit mousse // RM9.90 

one of my favourite-the chocolate mousse was super rich, dense and heavenly! the passion fruit was hiding at the lowest part of the chocolate mousse, added some sourness to the chocolate mousse!

Chocolate espresso macaron // RM8.90

so soooo good, not too sweet and just incredibly moreish! the fillings were delectable with surprises of crunch of the almonds and nuts cutting through the rich rich chocolate!

Hot mocha // RM8.90

Hazelnut latte coffee // RM9.90

 Rose latte coffee // RM9.90

Victoria sweet iced fruit tea // RM10.90

Victoria sweet rose flower tea // RM12.90

Victoria Sweet Salad // RM9.90

Victoria sandwich serve with potato salad // RM20.90

Pasta with pesto sauce // RM17.90

夜明珠 (i called it chocolate egg, can? :p ) // RM29.90
a super cute dessert! it was specially made for Halloween, so it will be selling from now on until 31 October only. the outer layer was made from chocolate, and for the fillings, it was pumpkin custard and fresh strawberry! the pumpkin part has a sandy texture with a delightful crunch, fresh strawberry was a bonus. thumbs up!

beautiful right! 

Black forest french golden toast // RM17.90

it was my first time having charcoal toast in a dessert! it was surprisingly good! i am a huge black forest lover and totally loving it!

Caramel Panna Cotta // RM9.90

a delicious end to the evening, a soft and light dessert of panna cotta!

Victoria Sweet Pastry
Address: B-G-9, Vantage Desiran, Tanjung Tokong
Phone: 012 447 8369
Opening hours: 12pm - 11pm

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2 dreamers

  1. Interesting desserts, especially the chocolate egg :D

  2. Hi Jinni,
    The chocolate egg do seem something special and unique. I missed out the opportunity to try this dessert as now is already mid of Nov. By looking at the picture, it already attracted me to try it out next year.



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