Wednesday, November 06, 2013


picked a night to have dinner in Cabbages & Condoms when i was in Bangkok last July! wanted to go for quite a while already but Bangkok has too much good food, it could take forever to finish all the yummy food in Bangkok!!! life in Bangkok is 'EAT, SHOP, MASSAGE, SLEEP'

its our virgin visit to Cabbages & Condoms! ♥

condom-man welcomed us at the entrance *blush blush*

if only you realize the colourful thingy of the lamp is made of condoms

Cabbages & Condoms actually helps fund AIDS awareness and population control. it was opened by the local senator - Mechai Viravaidya, founder of the Population & Community Development Association! i think it was really good, we can help people while enjoying the nice environment and the yummy food!

condoms lights!

cool! LOL

loving the romantic environment! it was half outdoor with alot of greens, there's also a pond and fountain beside, so relaxing to dine in such beautiful place!

gary and alicia, my bangkok kaki ♥

Tung Thong // 120baht

Tomyam seafood // 280baht

Stir-fried morning glory // 120baht

Seafood otak-otak // 220baht

Deep fried cotton fish // 370baht

overall it was good, especially tomyam seafood and otak-otak! stir-fried veggie and money bags were pretty normal, and i insisted to order a fish because i cant take too much prawns and squids, it was decent, what impressed me was the sauce of the fish, yum yum!

then, i took a short condoms hunting walk right after my meal!

bar area, which was the air-conditioned indoor section.

condoms ship @____@

more and more condoms even on the table for decor

instead of mints, the waitress slipped us a couple of Thai condoms with our final bill @@

yes and you can take as much as you want! im really curious about female condoms, too bad i gave them all to Zenith Chan! LOL should have keep one for observation, right?

two cheeky condom boys!

and spin the sex roulette before leaving!

also bought some cute condoms souvenir back with me!

Cabbages & Condoms
Adress: 6, Sukhumvit Soi 12, Bangkok
Opening hours: 11am-10pm daily
By BTS: Asoke Station (5mins walk to Soi 12)
By MRT: Sukhumvit Station (5mins walk to Soi 12)

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  1. hahaha....that is so funny!!! i wanna go there \(^^)/

    1. go try when you go to bangkok! and grab more condoms back :P

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    1. :D yeaaa! too bad thats impossible to have such theme in msia!

  3. no wonder looks so familiar, she is my
    this world is really small

    1. hi chloe!!!! :)
      guan lai you know her one hor :O


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