Heaven Gate

Saturday, November 02, 2013

i guess from the picture above you can see the rainbow bar which significantly tells where am i! it is a very special place to me, because we celebrated our second valentine's day here! ♥ 

awesome ambience—white, simple yet classy, the place is not big, but all the tables were nicely placed. it has a lot of statues around the place and also some huge pillars by the wall, very nice right!

the rainbow bar-ahhhhh i love it very much! chic and attractive, so contrast with the white surroundings bringing a little surprise!

Classic onion clear soup // RM8.90

Cream of pumpkin soup // RM10.90
rich and creamy! two thumbs up!

Crispy baked sea bass served with cream of almond sauce // RM38
the sea bass was cooked beautifully, the flesh was incredibly moist with a golden crispy thin skin. the plate had vibrant colours and flavours with the cherry tomatoes and almond complementing the fish extremely well with an added crunch!

King prawn grilled chicken // RM38
the chicken was incredibly juicy and flavourful! such a perfect combination!

Roasted duck breast // RM58

the meat was cooked perfectly, medium well, with a pink centre and the meat tender and juicy. yummy!

Lamb shank // RM68

the lamb shank was delightfully moreish and juicy teamed with the light fragrant orange flakes. love the texture which was tender but not too soft!

Miso cod fish with butter tomato sauce // RM78
i never had any miso dishes (other than ramen and soup) before, surprisingly the cod fish was flavorful and went well with the miso!

Laksa pesto // RM24

a localize western local fusion which i enjoyed the taste very much! the scent of the laksa flower and the santan, awesome! 

Panna cotta // RM12.90
this panna cotta was SO.FREAKING.GOOD! rich, milky and toink-toink! it reminds me of my favourite milk bunny candy, so good that im thinking of bringing my mom to try this out!

Marble cheesecake // RM12.90

Orange crepes served with vanilla ice cream // RM16.90
orange crepe which was very refreshing, i think its a great dessert for ending a meal!

Heaven Gate
Address: 1A, Lebuh King, 10200, Georgetown Penang
Contact: 012 477 5979
Opening hours: 12pm-10pm
Facebook: Heaven Gate

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4 dreamers

  1. Their presentation of food is always good :)

    1. ya lo very nice! every dish is a work of art! :D

  2. Very nice place! Thank you for sharing such great info


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