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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

super happy when Jazz asked me along for Kindori's review, and since i am a certified ice-cream lover, you can just imagine how happy i was.... it was like ice-cream heaven for me! Kindori is my all time favourite ice-cream store, not only because of the flavouful and tasty ice-cream, it is also low fat, low calorie, low sugar and high calcium, high protein, high vitamin compared to other brands' ice-cream, so, girls now can enjoy our favourite ice-cream without feeling sinful! 

the original frozen fresh milk divided nicely in serving portions, store in the temperature between -17c to -24c. 

all Kindori ice cream are made of -40C blast frozen fresh fruits and 100% fresh milk based ice cream with no colourings, no artificial flavours and no preservatives, and so, customers can enjoy the texture, flavours, sweetness and aromas from the real fruits!

more than 50 choices on the menu itself, of course you can mix and match and create your very own flavour. every ice cream is made-on-the-spot upon ordering

all the cones and waffles are freshly made at the outlet everyday

Blackberry + Lychee // RM8.90 (cup)
a flavourful fruity twist of sour and sweet, but do take note cause blackberry comes with seeds!

Matcha // Rm8.90 (cup)
it had a very strong matcha fragrant, i would say it is a must-try for matcha lovers!

Durian // RM9.90
it is the only ready-made ice-cream here, because of the strong smell of the durian would stay in the mixer.

 i can say this is the best durian ice-cream that i ever had! it tasted exactly like a real frozen durian—a mouthful of wonderful fragrant and texture! nyammmmm!

Strawberry ice cream cake // RM8.90

Mint chocolate chip ice cream cake // RM8.90

i really love their ice-cream cake very much! especially the ice-cream is at the outer layer sandwiching the cake, with that we can more ice-cream than cake!  

ice-cream cake in different shapes are now available in Kindori too, but then it takes time to be delivered so be sure to order earlier to avoid disappointment!

Lolipops // RM2.90 each

kids' favourite! limited flavours available: strawberry, durian, mango, matcha and black sesame. the ice-cream was coated with a thin layer of chocolate, yummy and easy to eat.

and we're given an opportunity to pick our own flavour! *SO HAPPY!*
picture above was my chosen fruits- morello cherry, rock melon and pink guava

My pick: Morello Cherry + Rock Melon + Pink Guava

i always love morello cherry cause it has a very strong scent and sour, this is the first time i had it with other fruits, good try cause it was yummyyyyyy! as for the pink guava, it is very light and has guava bits in it, love it 

Hui hui's pick - Dark Chocolate + Oreo
a very rich combination! especially the bitterness in the dark chocolate i love it so much!

Jazz's pick: Rock Melon + Papaya
personally i like the combination here as it is light and filled with the aroma of papaya. on top of that, the ice cream wasn’t overly sweet and pretty refreshing!

Jennifer's pick: Dark chocolate + Matcha + Black Saseme
totally cannot imagine how it would tasted like! but surprisingly its YUMMY! Jennifer's creation after a long struggle, cant help! cause there are too many choices!

i now have multiple excuses to return back and try out their other mouth watering flavours! hehehe

all of us with the petite lady boss-May

and lolipops selca with HuihuiJennifer before leaving! 

Kindori Japanese Ice-cream
Where: Level 3, New Wing, Gurney Plaza (beside Switch, in front of Fourskin)
 Facebook: Kindori Penang

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  1. i love ur photography ~ very nice pics !

    1. thanks babe! :D yours one also very nice!

  2. Haven't had their durian ice cream before, would love to try that. Reminds me that i haven't visited the place for quite some time too

    1. you should! hehehe and the lady boss is your little fans LOL


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