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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

holla ♥
a random day out with my piggies, boring! three of us hanging out together always reminds me of the 'hey kit hey kat!' commercial on Fly FM, encourage people to be more socialize to know more people around us. WE FAILED! we always tease each other: 你都没有朋友的!after all its not that bad, at least they can entertain me with their silly jokes LOL

had our dinner at Namoo, at last we have some new things to try out in Gurney Plaza!

Milky hwa che // RM12.90

Yuza virgin mojito // RM12.90

Snow flower sik hae // RM9.90

Yuza tea // RM9.90

the drinks were ok, milky hwa che was pretty interesting cause i thought we cant take watermelon with milk? i dont know la cause i dont drink milk! yuza tea was actually 柚子蜜 and the minty mojito was my favourite of the night!

Bibi rice burger // RM21.90

The korean spicy ttuk bok gi // RM14.90

this is good, nothing better than well-cooked dok bok gi with cheeeeeese! i cant refuse at all!

Hot stone bibimbap // RM20.90

Korean purple rice // RM2

Korean soybean paste soup // RM19.90
thumbs up for this! it is my favourite soup in Namoo now, the beef pieces were incredibly tender coated in a thick and fragrant soybean paste soup, perfect paired with rice!

Kimchi burrito //RM20.90

Kimchi soup // RM19.90

The king's bing soo // RM17.90

Sweet potato cake // RM12.90

the legendary sweet potato cake! it was soft and gooey, not too sweet with very nice aroma. but it tasted abit like mooncake to me, and its impossible for me to finish it all by myself.

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8 dreamers

  1. I love Korean food too, just like this one: ^^

  2. Wow you had a lot of their dishes eh?

  3. how about NO! IM TIRED OF YOUR FACE LAH!


  4. that pic so cute~ two guys look so concentrative on the sweet potato cake! hahaha!


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