Sunday breakkie@Ferringhi Coffee Garden

Saturday, November 30, 2013

finally got to catch a breakfast session with two of my besties! its really difficult for me to wake up early and drive 30km from my house just to have a breakfast, but luckily glian was so kind to fetch us that day!

all the way up to Batu Ferringhi for Ferringhi Coffee Garden, like finally!

a little rain that morning, so only indoor tables were available. nothing more enjoyable than having a breakfast in such beautiful little place, full of greens, feeling so energetic and refreshing, feeling great to kick start a day!

Cafe Latte // RM8.80
the cutest coffee art! we ordered two cafe latte, and another one was a bunny!

my cutie bunny!

English breakfast tea // comes with FCG Special

Egg Benedict // RM19.80
poached eggs served on buttered loaf with bacon and garnished with hollandaise sauce

overall was ok, just that the toasts were so thick that i cant finish all of them by myself

Early Riser // RM13.80
fresh fruit slices, oatmeal and yoghurt

FCG Breakkie // RM25.80
homemade chicken sausages and sunny eggs, bacon, potatoes and grilled tomatoes with a slice of toast

the sausages were yum yum!

The FCG Special // RM32.80
a combination of freshly made sandwiches, crab cakes, french pastry and a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea

glian my baby doll ♥

my favourite girls ♥

it is a cozy place to spend a morning to do some reading, sipping a cuppa coffee, chit chat and relax, surround by ferns, orchids and all the lushy tropical plants.

my favourite blossom flats!

Ferringhi Coffee Garden
Address: 43-D, Batu Ferringhi, 11100, Penang
Phone: 04 885 1192

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  1. wow, but its a bit weird for me to travel at least 45 mins to just grab some simple breakfast :x


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