A taste of Hokkaido-ROYCE' Chocolate

Monday, December 02, 2013

hands up chocoholics! have you tried ROYCE' Chocolate yet?! 
if you havent, i suggest you get cracking!

received my parcel from Royce' last week, delivered by Ta-Q-Bin, the chilled logistics specialist. 

A big thank you to Royce' Chocolates Malaysia for sponsoring and giving me the opportunity to review the chocolates!

ROYCE' Chocolate was founded in Hokkaido in 1983, until today, all ROYCE’ products are manufactured and packed in the factory in Japan, using the freshest and finest ingredients in Hokkaido! not only the selection of the ingredient, but also the production techniques and hygiene control, giving you the finest, purest, yummiest chocolates!

R Chocalat Milk Cocoa
it is rich and creamy and filled with cookie crunch and milk cocoa cream, the filling is slightly crumby with a little crunch contrasting with the velvety smooth chocolate!

Potatochip Fromage Blanc
SO GOOD! the white chocolate are coated evenly on the chips and the combination of textures, the smooth, rich and buttery white chocolate with hints of cheese throughout. this is heavenly good! not overly sweet with the complementary tastes of salty, just perfect! YUM YUM

check out ROYCE' facebook or website for more info!
the super cute christmas gifts selection available now, can have a bit of everything in a cute packaging box, perfect for christmas gift!

cant wait to get more chocolates for my crave fixed! 

ROYCE' Chocolates Malaysia
Website: www.royce.com.my
Instagram: roycemalaysia

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2 dreamers

  1. wah chocolate chips :D

    sounds yummy already haha.. but i prefer dark chocolate more..

    1. dark chocolate chips sounds good too! X)


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