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Friday, December 06, 2013

If you ever looking for authentic taiwan delicacy in Queensbay Mall, Taiwan Bull will be a perfect choice, serving you authentic and delicious taiwan food! (my taiwan food craves fixed! hehe) not only a lot of choices available, it is wallet-friendly too! 
红烧牛肉面 Taiwanese Beef Noodle // RM16.90

the beef was perfectly braised! soft, juicy and the soup was really really fragrant! thumbs up!

鲁肉饭 Braised Pork Rice // RM12.90

the colour of the egg told how good it was braised! definitely a bonus for this dish

翅包饭 Stuffed Rice Chicken Wings // RM11.90

my favourite dish among all! the rice was sticky and well cooked, the gravy was sweet, delicious and full of the fragrant of the white sesame-a good contrast in texture too!

猪肉馅饼 Pork Filling Biscuit // RM3.50 per piece

干梅地瓜 Sweet Potato with Plum powder // RM5.90

蓝莓奶酥厚片吐司 Blueberry Thick Toast // RM4.90
the toast was soft, fluffy, went well with the imported blueberry sauce which was not over-sweet!

台湾芝士火腿爆酱鸡排 Cheese Burst Crispy Chicken & Ham // RM9.90

the best foodporn photo-when the cheese is bursting out! hahaha 
the outer layer was very crispy and it was served hot so that the cheese will remains melt! 

猪脚 - Braised Pork Leg (3 pieces) 12.90
the fatty pork belly was incredibly tender, a must order for pork leg lovers!

鸭翅 - Braised Duck Wings // RM10.50

鸡胗 - Braised Chicken Gizzards // RM5.00    
鸭胗 - Braised Duck Gizzards // RM6.00  
阿给 (豆干) - Braised Ah Gei (Beancurd) // RM2.00 
焢肉 - Braised Pork Belly // RM6.90

麻油鸡面线 Sesame Oil Chicken Drumstick Vermicelli // RM15.90

担仔面 Dan Zai Noodle // RM12.90

猪肉麻辣火锅 Hot &Spicy Pot - Pork // RM17.90

it was a little too spicy for me :( however, the soup was good, unlike some other 麻辣锅 which have only the 麻辣 but they do not have other any taste and this, i can taste the scent of the chili and herbs, went perfectly with pork slices!

a large variety of drinks available in Taiwan Bull, i picked my favourite kamquat with pearls!

another interesting drinks that caught my attention, i think Henry had this? was told that it was something like soya bean with jelly? not sure :/

Taiwan Bull
Address: 3F-8, Queensbay Mall
Phone: 04 644 0090
Opening Hours: 10am-10pm everyday
Facebook: Taiwan Bull

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