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Thursday, December 26, 2013

If you are looking for a nice cafe with yummy food and affordable price, you might wanna try this place out! JAM Cafe is located at Sg Dua, the housing area just opposite Tesco Extra. the owner is a very sincere and humble person, i can feel his passion for cooking through our conversation, almost every dish, soup, sauce, drinks and dessert are homemade!

a large variety of food available here and they also have super value set meal for lunch!

Peanut paradise // RM7.50    Tropical island // RM5.90
Peanut paradise tastes a little too strong for me, banana and oat were added too to make it a little healthier! Tropical island tastes just nice for me, especially the scent of lemongrass and a little mint, a perfect thirst quencher for a warm summer day!

Stewed sweet pear with white fungus // RM5.90
well-cooked sweet pear! always my favourite tong shui, cant believe its only RM5.90, i always had this at Dragon-i which is way too expensive than this T______T

Tang yuan // RM5.90
black sesame tang yuan served in a ginger soup base with a hint of chrysanthemum,

Crispy potato skin // RM4.90
crispy potato skin which I CANT STOP EATING IT! crisp, not oily and a little salty, so addictive! sorry, very paiseh cause i finish the whole thing by myself

Summer salad // RM8.50
the signature salad of JAM cafe, veggies, fruits and wallnuts serve in a very appetizing berry dressing!

Wild mushroom soup // RM4.90
less creamy kind of mushroom soup, homemade everyday with all the fresh mushroom.

Carrot and apple soup // RM4.90
a healthy and fruity soup! 

Beer chicken drumstick // RM12.90
was really impressed by the presentation of their food, thought i was in some expensive restaurant though. the drumstick was marinated in beer for two days before serving

it serves with homemade mashed potato!

Lamb and red wine stew // RM15.90
lamb stew with mash potato and rice, the portion was big enough to fill up my tummy!

J.A.M's Komtar burger // RM12.80

JAM signature burger named after Komtar! it consisted a piece of grilled chicken and a deep fried pork patty which was super juicy! its my first time having a deep fried patty and im totally loving it! 

Lemongrass creme brulee // RM7.90

smooth and yummy! not over sweet and the scent of lemongrass was a bonus!

Durian Volcano // RM9.90

another signature dessert of JAM Cafe, the durian volcano reminds me of Alaska Bomb! this yummy durian volcano is a must-try for durian lovers, layering with fresh durian meat, pancakes and ice cream!

JAM Cafe
Address: 727-E Jalan Sugnai Dua, 11700
Phone: 014 344 3677 
Opening hours: 11.30am-9.30pm(Mon-Sat) / 5.00pm-9.30pm(Sun) 
Facebook : JAM cafe

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6 dreamers

  1. Looks delicious! :-)

    Ho Chiak

  2. Gaspp the durian volcano looks so yummy!!!

    1. Yes its yummy! I finished almost half of it :P

  3. i have tried their beer drumstick, but couldn't taste any hint of beer at all :(

  4. the price for each foods seems reasonable, mushroom soup at only rm4.90 -. - the lamb and red wine stew looks good!


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