Happy 2014!

Sunday, January 05, 2014


its the fifth day of 2014 and im still cant get used to it yet. im feeling old now, seriously, and i need to use SK2 already :'( only a new year's resolution i have this year, is to be


enough said hehhe

i've been reading about keeping and maintaining new year's resolution and i found it quite useful:

Break away from negativity
start saying and thinking in a positive way! start replacing those negative thoughts with a thought about what you can do. today, you can make sure that you spend a little less to have more money to pay down those debts and tell yourself the same thing tomorrow! if you manage to stick with this for three weeks, it will start to show results, and, more importantly, build a new habit!

Go 3D 
which means 'determine, distract and delay'
determine - write down the goal to make it real and to hold yourself accountable to what you've determined you want to do.
distract - yes, distract yourself with an activity that will take you away from the temptation. like i can't resist a sale? i will remind myself how frequently sales happen and decide to walk past this one. 
delay - delaying even a few minutes will always helps cause the bulk of the temptation is gone within 10 minutes! 

technology has made it far easier to track how much progress you're making, regardless of whether you're trying to lose weight or spend less and save more. find a fitness or budget tracker and download it to your phone or computer and start logging everything you eat or buy! monitoring what you do now is likely to show where the transgressions are and how you can improve. 

Factor in fun 
yes, you want to get fit and sure, you want more money in your checking account! but if you expect to get there by denying yourself every indulgence, you're doomed to fail! realize that you will have another hot fudge sundae at some point in your life and you will shop at another sale. just dont do it today and dont overdo it. consider putting a reasonable treat into your plan, by factoring in the fun things you like without giving up on the long term lifestyle change, you'll make your resolution lasting.

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