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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chocolate Passion—one of the best places in Penang to get your chocolate fix! was drooling when all the videos and photos of the chocolate bomb flooded my instagram, a dessert lover like me would die for.

so tempting right?
continue reading for this uber cute chocolate bomb

Chocolate Passion at Gurney Paragon is the second outlet in Penang, quietly located at 6th floor just beside Penang On 6. it is a very conformable place for dessert, as it has outdoor seats with ultimate seaview, was enjoying the sea-breeze while having my chocolates during my previous visit!

sandwiches menu and prices! would like to try them some other day ;)

a variety of handmade chocolates

Ice lemon tea // RM6.50

Passionate italian soda // RM12.50
a fizzy and flavourful drink if you are looking for something non-chocolate!

Chocolate ice blended // RM12.50
Avocado chocolate ice blended // RM13.50

one of the best chocolate ice blended in town!

 Smokie hot chocolate // RM16.50

it comes with a cute chocolate spoon!

Marshmallow chocolate pudding // RM13.50
loving the pudding its soft and rich, with a little hint of bitterness of the chocolate.

Coco-misu // RM13.50
yummy and creative way to serve a tiramisu-like dessert! served with espresso, ice cream and ladyfingers

Passion molten cake // RM14.50

rich and sweet molten cake served with chocolate ice cream

Chocolate bomb // RM18.50

a scoop of vanilla ice cream covered up with a thin layer of chocolate ball, beautifully melted by pouring hot chocolate on it! served with fresh strawberry, kiwi and cookie crumbs!

Brownie chocolate pizza // RM14(half) RM25(full)

Passion's signature pizza // RM14(half) RM25(full) 
my first time trying chocolate pizza, its way too sweet for my liking, and feeling guilty after eating these, dont think i will have this anymore :(

Churros with milk chocolate // RM14.50

three dips available for your choice, white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate!

ok ending this post with me eating my churros! hehehe
happy choco-reading!

Chocolate Passion
Address: Level 6, Gurney Paragon Mall
Phone: 04 218 9215

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