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Monday, March 10, 2014

went for a drink at Mish Mash located at Muntri Street on the valentines day! ♥
Mish Mash is a newly open cafe, which serves cakes, scones and some seasonal drinks. the drinks list will be renew for every season, and they are having buy 1 free 1 promotion during valentines day!

Scones // RM6

nice and warm scones served with homemade butter and hibiscus sauce. the scone itself was buttery with light and fluffy texture, surprisingly good! 

Ginger soda // RM12
a must try for ginger lover (im not! haha) it tasted quite good, at least its acceptable for me, i think it tastes like 姜母茶!

Cafe shakerato // RM8

enjoy the bitterness and the prefect coffee aroma!

Body & soul // RM13
healthy drink with the mixture of banana and strawberry! thick and fruity

Supernova // RM12
if you are looking for something sour and refreshing, supernova is a great choice! loving the beautiful presentation of all the drinks!

Mish Mash
Address: 24, Muntri Street, Georgetown Penang
Phone: 0175365128
Facebook: Mish Mash Penang

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