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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

speaking about Baiyoke Sky, i would say it was an unpleasant experience, 
because we had diarrhea throughout the night and fever the next day after we had dinner at Baiyoke Sky :(

 AND, it was raining on the night we went, very unlucky. we were walking from Central World to Baiyoke, it was suppose to be only 10 minutes walk but we took an hour, trapped in a cab because of the serious traffic jam and the heavy down pour that night. we made our reservation on 7.30pm and at last we reached around 9pm, more than an hour wasted in a cab, crazy!

the night view of from level 76, the waitress lead us to a table beside the window, 
couldn't be happier to have dinner with such beautiful scene! 

 the interior of the hotel was quite outmode, old and shabby..... 
not sure if the pics below can tell, but i did feel that when i was there LOL

and for the food, nothing fancy, very very normal... did not taste good and did not look good too, 
totally lost my appetite, filled only 30% of my tummy that night :(

( eh, suddenly i think i look better with this kind of medium-length fringe hor? )

the best thing to do — a #selfie with the blurry night view behind me, hehehe. 
and im wearing my super cheap blue maxi dress i bought in bangkok, read it here

visited 83 floor after our dinner

''King Kong'' in thai version

number 48 tallest in the world! not very tall only la, Twin Towers are number 5 and 6 leh.......

visited the revolving roof deck too!

Baiyoke Sky signature 变色 rooftop

see Central World? (on the right) so near but we took more than an hour to reach T____T

Baiyoke Sky Hotel
Address: 222, Ratchaprarop Road, Bangkok Thailand.
Website: /
By BTS: Chit Lom Station (then just spot the 变色 roof on the tallest building then follow the direction)

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6 dreamers

  1. The food is really that unappetizing? :-)

  2. OMG ! Trapped in the cab for 1 hour is so horrible ! Wasting time and money both and somemore the food tasted nothing special. Must be a bad day for u.. pitiful girl..

    1. ya lo.... super bad mood that day! somemore laosai after that T________T

  3. the 360 degree's night view is awesome! Able to look around the city...

    1. yup! thats the only nice thing in baiyoke! at least worth back!


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