Weekend bites@Double Exposure Cafe

Monday, April 14, 2014


a random sunday cafe-hunt, seeking a nice place to sit down and relax serving cake and tea. its been a long time since the last time we went out like this, with no purposes no rush of time just hangout for a coffee, spend time together, talk and laugh. 
three of us visited the hidden camera cafe in the camera museum (which i never been to), caught by this little board beside the entrance of the camera museum.

enjoying my cup of wild berries :)

Wild berries // RM6.50

Green Tea Latte // RM11.50

Baked chicken pasta // RM14.50

Chicken mushroom pie // RM14.50
creamy chicken pie with lots of mushroom!

Ham, cheese & egg toast set // RM8.50

Tiramisu // RM12.90
soft and smooth tiramisu with a creamy liqueur kick! 

Macarons ice cream // RM21.90
i think it was a little too expensive for this three little thing, i thought it is RM12.90 at first, RM21.90 was totally overpriced! the macarons were sweet and we had green tea, black sesame and choco chip ice cream, basically just normal macarons with ice cream, but girls wouldn't miss any photos with this beautiful dessert, yes?

best friends ♥

a very cute home can-dispenser!

chocolate camera cupcakes!!!!!!!! good to see but not sure they're good to eat or not?

a must-take photo here! 
we did not enter the museum anyway, the museum is on the first floor with RM20 per entry!

Double Exposure Cafe
Address: 49, Lebuh Muntri, 10200, Georgetown Penang
Phone: 017 406 0788
Opening hours: 9.30am -7.30pm

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14 dreamers

  1. The camera lens glass so cute so creative ! Never seen it before haha ! Macarons ice cream so colourful and look nice but it's really overpriced, err.. maybe Baskin Robbins ice cream??? Wahaha !

    1. ya i love it too!
      if its baskin robins i ok wor hahaha, sadly its not.... somemore soooooo sweet!

  2. Yea i can imagine how sweet it is for macarons to go with ice cream LOL!

    1. yup! so pretty but its really super sweet :(

  3. Omo the macaron ice-cream so pwetty! Although it's overpriced but I think I won't be able to resist :3

  4. Haha, I like these unusual theme restaurants. :-)

  5. The camera museum ticket is so expensive even after I bought at discounted price as nothing much to see there.

    1. never been to the museum, but yes i think the ticket is a little pricey!

  6. I went there before but didn't having meal because it's too hot ><
    Anywhere, the macaron ice cream is attracting me! =D

    1. how come hot!! lucky me its not hot the day i went :D


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