Calefe Houz@Prangin Terrance

Sunday, May 11, 2014

a very eye-catchy cafe at the new Prangin Terrance— Calefe Houz,
just right along Jalan Gat Prangin the busy road which connects town area to the expressway.

menu on the wall

the day i visited CaLeFe Houz was Labour day, woke up super late so i had my brunch there! btw we spent around 10 minutes to get a parking space at Lebuh Victoria somewhere near Gat Lebuh Melayu, which was quite far away :( ok la so fat, exercise abit..........
but safety first ok, girls remember to hold your handbag on the shoulder furthest away from the road, snatch thieves everywhere nowadays, scary!

Mushroom soup // RM10

instead of garlic bread, mini mushroom baguette was served with the mushroom soup

The big one // RM14
the big one was not big at all! LOL i mean the portion was just nice, a bit too small for hungry guys. 
me likey the scrambled egg, nice, soft and milky.

The fat club // RM13

toast with bacon, egg, ham, cheese and lettuce, served with french fries.

Pan fried red tilapia // RM17
pan fried tilapia fillet with spinach, potato puree, tomato and orange mint salsa. i really like the salsa sauce, the vibrant juicy sweet bursts of orange and the tomatoes were delightfully light and refreshing too,went really well with the tilapia fillet!

Lazy melon // RM11

Mocha // RM10

Camomile, Honey & Vanilla // RM8

CaLeFe Hauz Gastro Cafe
Address: 51, Jalan Gat Prangin, Georgetown Penang
Phone: 016 494 2886
Opening hours: 12pm-10pm (Tuesday to Friday), 10am-10pm (Saturday to Sunday)

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6 dreamers

  1. The presentation of mushroom soup is quite unique, how does it taste?

    1. not bad! quite like the mushroom baguette!

  2. The last photo is very creative. :-p

  3. Loving the presentation of the mushroom soup+ mushroom baguette as well! Would be something I would like to order having the chance to visit. :)


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