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Thursday, May 08, 2014

another Friday evening after work and finally decided to pay a visit to Just Caffe at Jalan Green Hall for dinner. yeahhh! because i have so much love for pesto, and i've heard of the good pesto pasta they have! it's located at the end of Jalan Green Hall, just opposite Segi Collage.

some satisfied customers' comment on the tree!

Cafe latte // RM8
one of the best and affordable latte in Penang!

Blueberry italian soda // RM5

House salad // RM10
a simple and delicious house salad! i always like balsamic vinegar dressing, so appetizing! 
very satisfied that day because i can had all my favourite capsicum and olive, cause my boyfriend hates capsicum and olive, hehehe.

Pesto pasta // RM12

one thing i like about this greenie pesto pasta, not too oily and not salty,
enjoyed this simple, rustic, garlicky tangles of goodness!

Panini (meat lover) // RM12

the best panini i had in Penang so far! served warm, soft filling with a crunchy crust, 
filled with bacon, ham, smoked salmon, egg and cheese.

ending with the quote of the day: life is too short for bad coffee! :)

*tomorrow is friday again!* :D

Just Caffe
Address: 52, Jalan Green Hall, 10200, Georgetown Penang
Phone:04 261 2433
Opening hours: 11am - 10pm (closed on every Tueday)
Facebook: Just Caffe

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8 dreamers

  1. Oh yes, i love their panini. I didn't know you are working?

    1. yes im working....... my life is boring :(

  2. i didn't try their padini T.T

  3. Nice, relaxing atmosphere. I suppose there is Wi-Fi too? :-)

  4. can bring me go ah? i wan try that panini =(

    1. jio you but you dont want eh...............


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