Khoon Pastry House

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Khoon pastry house is one of the oldest pastry house in town... started to visit this place since i were really young, because my dad's shop is located along Agryll Road too. i still remember it was an old style bakery and not long ago, the grandson of the owner decided to renovate and starting to bring up more Hainanese dishes, it was the happiest news to my mom as she is one of their loyal customer! she loves their puff, chicken pie and pandan layer cake, i can always see these in my dad's office.

Mushroom soup // RM7.90

Spring roll // RM12

arrived crispy and piping hot, a good dip into the sweet chilli sauce provided! 
a good dip of the springroll is always very important, right?

Hainanese chicken rice // RM10.90

fragrant rice served with bite-sized pieces of blanched white chicken and soy sauce. 
the chicken was perfectly cooked, extremely smooth and soft, slurppp!

Hainanese chicken chop // RM13.90

one of the best chicken chop i had — crispy and juicy chicken 
accompanied by the flavourful gravy with onion, tomato and green peas!

Hainanese fried noodle //RM10.90
simple and delicious fried noodle in a generous portion, was told that it is one of their best selling item!

Mutton shepherd's pie // RM15.90

chicken, mutton or beef of your choice. well, i think mutton is the best hehehe, soft and 
flavourful mutton in their own savoury gravy and topped with a fluffy layer of mashy potatoes, a must try!

Chicken with mushroom pizza // RM11.90

pizza is also one of their speciality! unlike any thin-crusted pizza, Khoon's pizza has a thicker and harder crust, 
i think it looks like a pie in the picture right? enjoyed the juicy fillings covered with cheese and sprinkled with herbs, yummy! 

Cream puff // Rm3

Khoon's special // RM9.90

a fruity dessert to end our meal!

and another reason to visit this place is:

their pet!!!!!!!

a 11 year-old pomeranian! 
my sis Dora's favourite dog hahahaha, she will find something to buy here just to visit the dog! 
(姐,走我们去买chicken pie, 我带你去看pong pong的狗......)

Khoon Pastry House
Adress: 29, Jalan Argyll, 10050, Georgetown, Penang
Phone: 04 2632858
Opening hours: 11am - 9pm daily

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18 dreamers

  1. Pizza looks so yummy and juicy omg!

  2. I wan shepherd's pie!! looks so nice!

    1. ok come back we go eat! super yummy!

  3. I love their chicken chop and shepherd pie, and you are probably right, the best hainanese chicken chop so far (which i had)

  4. The pizza, shepherd pie and the hainanese chicken chop are all looking so yummy! I am so tempted by these!!

    1. go try la!!!! simple and nice,还有浓浓的人情味! :D

  5. How is the shepherd pie? Looks a bit watery. :-)

    1. yup its soupy but yummy! do try it out!

  6. Replies
    1. normal lo, not as impressive as their shepherd's pie hehehe....

  7. Looks so delicious especially the shepherd pie. Okay.. This is my next plan to go.. Hehehe.. And i wan play with the Pong Pong doggie..wahaha !!!

    1. hahahaha! bring your dog to make friends? :p

  8. i wana try their pizza too!!


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