Mr Jones' Orphanage Milk Bar

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hello Mr Jones!

one of the must-do in Bangkok is to visit a dessert place, especially after your tiring shopping spree! i can say Mr Jones' Orphanage is one of the popular cafe in Bangkok city, it caught my attention during my last few visit to Bangkok, because of the quirky interior and the giant fascia which can be seen from far.

entering a world of fantasy....... 
i wish i can stay here forever and grow fatter (i dont mind!!!)......

a friendly staff led us to our table, it was a small table for two, 
there was a mini train track beside us which nicely separated our table and the table beside us.

super love traveling with him! cause i can do anything i want eat anything i want ♥

i think i've gain 2kg by only looking at this, hahaha! no kids can resist this superb kitkat monster, right?

simple and beautiful ♥

the famous choky mud pie and rocky road!

they have a large variety of cakes and sweet creations with all the interesting names like 'naughty boy brownie', 'custard cow poo' and also the beverages like 'first day of school', 'for mom and me', 'the tree house', 'time to go to school' many choices that we took quite sometime to make our order, we had a pot of hot tea and smoothies!

My lovely strawberry // 150baht

Strawberry sponge cake // 100baht

Oreo pizza // 80baht

strawberry waffle // 200baht

Strawberry, butter & maple pancake // 200baht

feeling greedy, so we ordered another pancake hehehe.

Mr Jones' Orphanage
How to go?
Location: Level G, Seenspace, Thonglor 13
By BTS: Thonglor station

Branch: Level 3, Siam Center
By BTS: Siam station

Opening hours: 10am - 10pm daily

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8 dreamers

  1. I thought Penang ToT I wanna go Bangkok lahhhh

  2. Wow! Such a nice cafe place to chill in Bangkok. Not sure when will I be visiting Bangkok, but have jotted this as a must-go! :)

    1. yup!!! very nice right! it was one of my mustmustmust-go too! :D


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