Royal afternoon tea set@Victoria Sweet Pastry

Sunday, May 04, 2014

another visit to Victoria Sweet Pastry for their new cakes and afternoon tea sets.
 read my post here about my previous visit, not only cakes, they serve very nice pasta too,
and also the comfortable and quiet ambience, definitely a nice place for a relaxing afternoon tea.

so temping like always!

Raspberry rose lychee jelly // RM7.90
the scent of rose, the sweetness of lychee, and also a little sourness of raspberry..... 
girls can't resist this beautiful rose jelly in a little glass! 

Caramel chocolate nut cake // RM10.90
love the intense and strong flavour and the multi-layer texture of the cake, and it was not too sweet! 
a good choice for chocolate lovers.

Caramel mix nut cream puff // RM8.90
a very nutty, creamy and rich filling, 
i really like the filling but i found that the puff was a little dry for me.

Tofu panna cotta cheese cake // RM11.90
light and fluffy tofu cake, definitely a great choice for those who prefer something lighter!

Caramel brandy apple jam mousse cake // RM10.90
a fruity mousse cake with a light caramel coating, sweet to look and even sweeter to taste!

Vanilla baked cheese cake // RM11.90
simple and nice with a hint of vanilla, fresh fruits are always the best complement of a baked cheesecake.

White chocolate rum raisin blueberry jam cake // RM10.90 
beautifully layered, i like the purple first layer with a little sourness, 
neutralise the sweetness of the cake, yummm!

Victoria sweet afternoon tea for two // RM39.90
the basic afternoon tea set for two, served with either a pot of hot tea, two iced tea or two hot coffee.

Royal afternoon tea set for two // RM69.90
the highlight of the day! 
as you can see, its in a generous portion which i think RM69.90 is really worthy! comes with tea/coffee as well

some scones, sandwiches and savoury delights for the first tier!

the cute little tea time biscuits, top with cucumber, cream cheese, 
a small slice of strawberry and walnut was surprisingly yummy! 

the second tier. 
the chocolate coated cake on the left was another favourite of mine,
it was mixed-berries and rum-soaked sponge cake, 
a little too soft and watery but the flavour was really good!

Chocolate banana mousse cake // RM12.90
(yes the cake can be ordered separately!) 
your choice of macarons, vanilla madeleine, strawberries, a piece of cake and chocolates, 
was told that the chocolate was freshly handmade by using local ingredients, 
much more affordable and the taste was smooth and creamy, two thumbs up!

Do pay a visit some time!

Victoria Sweet Pastry 
Address: B-G-9, Vantage Desiran, Tanjung Tokong 
Phone: 012 447 8369 
Opening hours: 12pm - 11pm 

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10 dreamers

  1. Desserts!!! Cakes!!! All are my favourite! Your photos are so attractive that I wish I can try them all! :P

    1. wah seldom see guys like to eat cakes one lo.... :p

    2. Really oh? Cake so nice to eat one lei~ I like sweet sweet de desserts!!! haha XD

  2. The royal afternoon tea set portion is super big ! I think can feed for 4 ppl also.. Haha ! Really worthy.

    ps* always love the colour tone of ur photo !

    1. hehehehe thanks!
      yes really super worth! go try!

  3. Why everyone so efficient recently....hmm....

    1. because too free d...... hahahaha

  4. desserts!!!! my favor!!!!! i nvr been there before T.T

    1. girls very hard to resist one! go try try!

  5. Hehe, I am also too free. :-p


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