The Lightbulb

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Lightbulb, a cozy little cafe located at Jalan Zainal Abidin, just newly opened few weeks ago. was there for dinner last night, and most importantly, for their Forty Licks handcrafted ice-cream! but too bad we only had one because we were too full already, so i'll save the other flavours for my next visit.

a lightbulb and a menu!

somebody was really busy, trying to win Taylor Swift backstage passes for me but we failed hahaha

crowded friday night, the cafe was almost full-house, super love the hanging lightbulbs, so cute! and seriously i like the lightbulb concept, lightbulbs always represent ideas and inspirations in design, and lights, always bring hope.

and sitting on a high-stool is not a good idea for a fatty like me...... 

and i met with pretty babe Gwen!!!! she is helping her brother in the cafe! 
so good leh she gave me discount somemore *hugs*

Fruity punch // RM9
kiwi-apple punch, healthy and hi-fibre!

Mushroom soup // RM7
a simple and creamy mushroom soup, 
would be happier if it serves with a piece of garlic bread, or two?

Salmon caesar salad // RM11
serves with your choice of balsamic or thousand island. i chose balsamic it was so appetising and i was also delighted with the generous amount of grilled salmon!

Mix grilled jumbo sausage // RM17

chicken sausages serve with Lightbulb signature sauce, potato wedges, veggies and purple cabbage salad. i think the portion was ok but my boyfriend said it was not so tummy-filling, so i guess it is not a good choice if you are super hungry!

Creamy alfredo spaghetti // RM15
well-cooked spaghetti and the sauce is thick, creamy and buttery! perfectly mixed together with salmon slices and asparagus.

Cheesy lightbulb // RM10.90

Gwen told me this is their best seller and signature cake! super delicious and cheesy, a must try!

Salted caramel ice cream // RM7

finally my salted caramel ice cream! i love salted caramel so much i can eat it everyday! the ice cream, as good as i expected, intense flavour with a strong caramel fragrant, but not too sweet and it is so smooth! first time having Forty Licks ice-cream and im loving it! giving it forty licks because one lick is not enough muahahaha

The Lightbulb
Address: 57, Jalan Zainal Abidin, 10400 Georgetown Penang.
Phone: 04 226 9721
Opening hours: Monday - Thursday 10.30am - 11.30pm, Friday - Sunday 10am - midnight 
Facebook: The Lightbulb

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13 dreamers

  1. Yea their ice creams are good. That cheese cake... i've seen it in DCOVA, EspressoLab and now the lightbulb LOL

    1. har really ah? never been to dcova and espresso lab, im outdated already T___T

  2. Salmon caesar salad.....the price is quite reasonable

  3. Haha, I was hoping there were more lightbulbs inside. :-p

  4. The salmon caesar salad & creamy alfredo spaghetti attracted me the most!
    But i think the mix grill jumbo sausage a bit overprice compared to the portion.

    1. yup their pasta not bad worth a try!

  5. Oh I love ice cream~ and never try the salted caramel flavor before ! And beverage glasses are so unique too !

    1. go try their ice cream!!!!!!!!!! i feel dark chocolate and green tea will be nice too!

  6. wow i think can try out the salted caramel ice cream and their creamy alfredo spaghetti!!

    1. yes the ice cream very nice!!!!! yum yum

  7. Would love to try out their icecream! The cheese cake looks amazing too!


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