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Saturday, June 21, 2014

a new cafe in town serving all day brunch! there's never enough good places to have brunch, so now i've got another to add on my list of favourite brunch places! 'Le Bistrot' simply means the bistro in French, it is located at Jalan Kek Chuan, just a few shop opposite Dolce Dessert. the place was beautifully furnished while preserving the elements of the big old house, can see even the ceiling of their gohkahki, so beautiful:


food menu: all day brunch. sandwiches, soup, bagel, main course and some side dishes.


super cute and i feel like playing ring toss in the carnival now LOL

Honey lemon // RM7     Red fruit juice // RM9
was told that red fruit juice was a fresh blended of watermelon, strawberries and grapes! not bad

Mushroom soup // RM18
so expensiveeeeeee :O
*ok la but im a mushroom lover so i decided to order a cheaper main and give this a try* 
sauteed fresh field mushrooms deglazed with wine to provide a natural sweetness and aroma. served with bread and mushroom fricassee. first time having mushroom fricassee in a mushroom soup, it tasted a little like a mini mushroom wantan to me LOL

Chicken breast // RM25

pan-seared chicken breast served with hand-cut fries. i think the portion was a little small, but the chicken was perfectly pan-seared, soft and juicy, unexpectedly good! and the hand-cut fries, slightly greasy but still tasty!

All day brunch-Salmon & scramble egg // RM15
it was simple and tummy-filling, bagel topped with cream cheese, smoked salmon and scramble egg. decent, not the best bagel i had but i did enjoyed the fluffy and flavourful scramble egg!

Tiramisu // RM12
finished our meal off with a good tiramisu!

im keen to make a revisit for their english breakfast and cakes! ♥

Basil, Le Bistrot
Address: 9, Jalan Kek Chuan, 10300 Georgetown Penang
Phone: 04 226 5741
Opening hours: 
monday, thursday & friday  11am - 9pm 
(closed on tuesday & wednesday)
saturday & sunday  9am - 9pm

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8 dreamers

  1. Which is the best bacon that you tried? :-)

  2. I had some of their dishes but i did not think they were that great, some refinements are indeed needed. Atmosphere-wise, is superb, we love the interior decor.

    1. i feel overall not bad wor but yes still have some room to improve! and i like their staffs, very friendly!

  3. 我也剛光顧這家新張營業的咖啡館,和喜歡的說!

  4. Love the nostalgic floor tiles !

    I'm big fan of mushroom too ~ So how's the mushroom soup in conclusion? Worthy in that price?

    1. me too! the floor tiles super pretty! i think the mushroom soup ok, worth a try! quite special pun :D


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