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Monday, June 16, 2014

Coffee Smith opened on 6th of June and it is the first shop at Maritime Piazza! mom was super excited and jio me for brunch on sunday morning, at first i thought it is the famous Coffee Smith from Korea, but its not, it is from Taiwan. Coffee Smith is located at the corner of Maritime Piazza, facing Promenade 28, it is the only shop for now but we saw a lot of tenants are coming up like U-desserts, Northern Hill Coffee, Starbucks, Hair Story.......

super nice scenery of the Penang Bridge! it was really really hot that day

love the concept of the menu which looks like a press ad.

mom super busy checking out their menu

see the chair? reminds me of Garage 51, quirky but not so comfortable to sit on......

Rose latte // RM10

Black coffee and fruit juice, served with the brunch set

Egg Benedict // RM24

so well-presented but the poached egg was too raw for my liking, so unfortunately the english muffin was a little soggy.... one thing i like was the meatballs, meaty with aroma of herbs!

Fried fish with french toast // RM26

Smoked beef sandwich // RM15

Chocolate banana smoothie // RM10
words from mom: not creamy enough, bananas were not fully ripe...

Chocolate marshmallow smoothie // RM10
(we ordered 'Potted Coco' but they served it wrongly, so end up this was in the house)

Green apple smoothie // RM10
it was okay but could have gotten a extra kick of the green apple.

Fruit paradise waffle // RM16

colourful waffle made the kids so happy!

oh yes and the kids and their parents joined us after awhile, spent whole afternoon chit-chatting in the cafe. 

overall i think their food was okay, nothing spectacular, but i really like the cozy ambience and i shall be back for their coffee! or any other recommendations? :)

Coffee Smith Penang
Address: No 29C-01-11, Maritime Piazza, Lebuh Sungai Pinang 5, 10300 Penang.
Phone: 04 684 1818
Opening hours: 
Facebook: Coffeesmith Penang

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10 dreamers

  1. Loving their interior design, looking nice and cozy!

    1. yes!!! thats a really nice and cozy place!

  2. I ordered the egg benedict too but my poached egg was overcooked :(

    1. :O aiyo.... too bad...... didnt ask them to change one for you?

  3. That's actually a perfect eggs benedict...

    It better be half cooked, as in poached, otherwise it would not be "eggs benedict"

    1. i think egg benedict should have a soft boiled egg white, but it was still transparent when i had it....
      in my opinion it was too raw to have transparent egg white :/

  4. This place is booming with eateries lately. :-)

    1. yes! was there again on a weekdays night and it was full-house :O


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