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Saturday, June 28, 2014

cant tell how long i've never hold a print-out photo in my hand..... 
feeling so great when i received my prints from Printit ♥ received them after a week after i submitted my photos!

*Thank you Printit for all these beautiful postcards!*

packed nicely with a layer of plastic wrapping up my postcards

picked the photos from my recent trip with my girlfriends, feeling great to have my memories printed out, they are lovely! the quality is great and the colours will never fade, instead of seeing photos through digital screen, i now can hold them, stick them on the fridge, place them on my working table or even build a photo-wall! 

several sizes available in Printit:

MiniSquare (1.9in X 1.9in) - the most loved size of Printit that freezes your sweetest smiles 
into a small square prints. extremely suitable for photo wall creation.
MiniWide (1.6in X 2.5in) - inspired by the old time mini photos for wallets. bring your family, 
your loved ones with you everywhere you go. 
Square (3.5in X 3.5in) - the most sharable size of Printit photo prints. square gives a beautiful 
touch to your beautiful memories makes it the best little gift ever.

and my SquarePostcard will be launching by next week (1st July 2014), together with WidePostcard, MiniBook and SquareBook:

● SquarePostcard (11.5cm X 13.5cm) and WidePostcard (9.5cm X 18cm)create your 
own postcards with your most fondest memories, and share it to every corner of the world. 
let your memories travel extra miles to bring happiness everywhere.
● MiniBook (8.6cm X 11.6cm, 20 pages) and SquareBook (11.4cm X 14.8cm, 20 pages)
Printit photo-books works marvellously as a photo stand, too. It can sit on your work desk (you can change photo every day by flipping it), your hotel room when you travel, and of course, an 
awesome gift for your loved ones. 
● George Town Festival Postcards (Available from 1 July to 15 September 2014) - as the 
official merchandize partner of George Town Festival 2014, we’re proud to present you the 
limited edition GTF’14 Postcards. available in both sizes, you can create beautiful GTF’14 branded
 postcards with your beautifully taken photo of the unique, gorgeous, our most loved Penang island.

super cute namecard! i think this is the size for MiniSquare? so handy! 
and i really like square photos because of instagram, i always take square photos with my phone. now i feeling like printing all my instagram photos out :D

another good thing about Printit, we dont have to step out of the house to get our photos printed anymore! we can do it here: or download their app from the app store, super convenient and user-friendly! 

step-by-step, pick the package available then choose your photos from the gallery, make payment and DONE! just wait patiently and the photos will be sent.


wanted to try and print your beautiful moments?
i have 10 pieces of RM5 rebate vouchers to giveaway!
 just a comment on this post with your email address, and i will email the cash voucher to you.
*of course, you can get it from me too if you see me in person ok?*
only 5 pieces i have so hurry!

More information:
For iOS here
For Android here
Facebook: Printit
Twitter: printitMY 
Instagram: printitcrew

Phone: +6016 626 7006

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  1. Hi!
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  2. all your shots so nice and dreamy :3

  3. wow, me too, have been long since a printout photo :P

    1. yes me either! download Printit's app and start printing! your photos all very nice leh ;)

  4. oh gosh! you reminded me that I haven't submit any photos to them! TT

  5. Oh! I'm late but still give s try.x)

    1. late is better than never! ;p
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  7. Alo~
    just drop by to give it a shot.. hehe..
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