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Saturday, July 19, 2014

i believe that most of you will be familiar with Daily Fresh, well-known for their cup corns and waffles, 
personally i enjoy having their ice kimo very much, icy cold with fruity flavours and different toppings,
 a nice chilly dessert after meal or a tiring walk in the mall.

Daily Fresh is selling a vast variety of ready-to-snacks and desserts such as cup corn, wafito, ice kimo,
 gelato and pop corn through the world. Daily Fresh has more than 800 franchise outlets and 
1,000 licensing selling points around the world, is one of the leading global snack food retailers! 

but do you know, Daily Fresh’s major business activity is actually corn farming. by owning 
810 hectares of corn plantation in Johor, it is currently the largest sweet corn plantation in Malaysia!


Daily Fresh's sweetcorn is 100% natural, healthy, low in fat and high in fibre, served in a cup which
 makes it convenient to consume, available in 5 flavours: original, garlic cheese, chilly flakes,
 mayonnaise, sweetened milk 

it was my first time trying sweetcorn in different flavours, i always love sweetcorn kosong, after trying
 these i found garlic cheese was quite addictive, love the sweetcorn with the aroma of garlic, not a bad choice! 

garlic cheese // RM4

chili flakes // RM4

mayonnaise // RM4

sweetened milk // RM4

original (butter and salt) // RM3.50


Daily Fresh's wafito comes in classic or premium. for wafito classic, you can mix any two flavours: peanut spread, 
margarine, chocolate, blueberry, strawberry and kaya. if you are looking for something different from ordinary waffles, 
wafito premium will be a great choice! "Wafito" itself means "waffle", "filling", "topping" which explain the five premium wafito: 
coco deluxe, pandan kaya, chicken floss, japanese bbq and nyonya kaya. they are all filled with natural fillings and topped up 
with genuine high quality toppings! 

chicken floss // RM4.50

nyonya kaya // RM4.50

coco deluxe // RM4.50

pandan kaya // RM4.50

japanese bbq // RM4.50


Icekimo is available in eight flavours: chocolate, vanilla, honey dew, mango, strawberry, soursop, pineapple and mocha. 
the ice of icekimo is very very smooth as it was shaved very finely, it is made of combination of fresh fruits, 
natural flavoured ice and fruity toppings.

two of my favourite pick:

chocolate icekimo // RM4.20

mango icekimo // RM4.20

Gelato Tempo

Gelato Tempo is freshly made with all natural ingredients that make gelato smooth in texture, delicious in taste and healthy in nature, 
available in 8 flavours: original yogurt, mango yogurt, strawberry yogurt, chocolate, strawberry, mango, green tea, and black sesame. 
Gelato Tempo served in a wafer bowl which freshly made daily, buttery and crispy, perfect to be eaten with the gelato!

mango // RM5.90

strawberry // RM5.90

green tea // RM5.90

chocolate // RM5.90

black sesame // RM5.90

strawberry yogurt // RM5.90

original yogurt // RM5.90

mango yogurt // RM5.90


Daily Fresh's popcorn is all imported from Indiana, popped from the best quality corn kernel which guarantees a bigger pop. 
each popcorn is perfectly coated with the finest ingredients and flavourings, available in five flavours:
 caramel, spicy curry, seaweed, black sesame and honey dew. 

black sesame // RM6.90 

honeydew // RM6.90

spicy curry // RM6.90

seaweed // RM6.90

caramel // RM7.90

cute packagings for popcorn!

Good news!!!!

Daily Fresh is giving out FREE Raya Packet and Popcorn (Small Tub in Mixed Flavour)!
 in celebrating with the upcoming Ramadhan Festival, Daily Fresh is giving away exclusive secret pop raya packet 
in set of 5 pieces and a popcorn small tub in mixed flavour (worth RM3.00) with any purchase of 2 x secret pop in any flavour. 
hurry as it's only available while stocks last! head to any Daily Fresh outlet nearest you today!

Check all the outlets here: http://www.dailyfreshfoods.com/outlets.php


a mini giveaway to all my readers! :D

print this e-voucher and get a FREE cupcorn with any RM8 spend, it is valid at any Daily Fresh outlet.
better be hurry because it ends on 4th August 2014! Enjoy!

Daily Fresh outlet in Penang
Penang Times Square: Kiosk 2L-3-A, 2nd Floor
Sunway Carnival Mall: Unit No. S-19, 2nd Floor

Daily Fresh outlet in Kedah
Landmark Central Shopping Centre: Lot 3-1A
Langkawi International Airport: Lot 52
Tesco Kulim: OL-G4

Facebook: Daily Fresh
Phone: 07 755 1655
Email: info@dailyfreshfoods.com

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  1. Why are so many people posting about Daily Fresh all of a sudden? :-)

    1. because they're having raya promo now! :D

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