Beauty product: Egyptian Magic Cream [Giveaway]

Thursday, July 03, 2014

sharing this awesome beauty product today, a very useful moisturiser-Egyptian Magic Cream!
heard a lot of good comments about it but never try, and after trying for two weeks, im totally in love with this multi-purpose-cream for face, body, lip and even hair! 

"...The ancient Egyptian remedy made from olive oil, bee pollen and royal jelly claims to heal just about anything - except a broken heart. But if it can give your skin the same glow, who needs love anyway?" -Skirt Magazine

"...Egyptian Magic, a healing balm used by everyone from recovering surgery patients to pop divas (Madonna won't leave home without it) is one of those hokey miracle cures that actually works... " 
-Daily Candy Magazine

so much good comments around the world and even Kate Hudson is using it! 
the good news is: you can get this world's famous cream here for only RM89.90.

Egyptian Magic is made of olive oil, honey, beeswax, royal jelly, bee pollen and bee propolis, all natural ingredients with no preservatives and fragrances added. it is a product of USA, every jar is handcrafted in their factory by using the purest, best quality and the most effective ingredients!

separating the cream into another small container because im using it as a lip-balm, easier to carry and hygienic. i was pretty surprise with the texture cause i thought it will be like some usual cream but its not, its like a mellowed down version of honey, oily but it is so moisturising! and this magic cream does not have any strong flowery or fruity scent, in fact, it has a very comfy scent (to me), i think it smells like olive oil!

i tried to use it by following step 1 and step 2, rubbing it and warming it up before applying, i found it quite good, because it is a oil-based product, warming it will soften it and easier to be absorbed by our skin. 

soften and moisture my skin, even added some natural glow on my skin after using it!
overall it is an awesome cream to me, i have super dry and sensitive skin, i have been using it everyday for two weeks, it is a good moisturiser and until now it is ok for my skin, did not show any allergic reaction at all.


3 lucky readers will be receiving 2 sachets of Egyptian Magic Cream(3ml)!
very simple, just fill up this form: 
and key in 'Jinni' or '' on the first column follow by your personal details!
remember to submit before 15 July 2014(Tuesday)! the three lucky winners will be announce here on 1 August 2014(Friday)!

dont miss the chance! it is a good opportunity to try it by yourself!

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3 dreamers

  1. Heard about this miracle product before, some hollywood celebrities like Madonna also recommended it ! Quite interesting~

    I like ur naked face, looks so clean and pure !

    1. this cream really not bad, i super love!
      haiya 美图effect :p

  2. quite powerful :D


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