First liquid nitrogen ice cream in Penang! @The Safe Room, Campbell Street

Monday, July 07, 2014

Tha Safe Room, a cafe offering liquid nitrogen ice cream located at Campbell Street just a few doors beside Moustache Houze. The Safe Room just started their business 6 days ago and the cafe has become one of the hottest spot in Penang now, can see everybody checking-in on foursquare posting smoky ice cream photos on instagram and the night that i went with my bffs...... it was super full-house!!!!

boyfriend and i went around 7pm, pretty lucky to get a nice parking slot just in front of the cafe LOL. its not easy to get a place to park at Campbell street leh, the parking spaces are so limited! was in love with the environment once i stepped my foot inside, cozy, clean and vibrant, super love the colour-popping elements added in the plain surrounding!


Honey lemon // RM6.90      Strawberry yogurt // RM6.90
#cold :D

Rose latte // RM8.90

Continental breakfast // RM16.90
simple but contented breakfast for my dinner.
a perfect sunny-side-up, couldn't ask for more :)

Carbonara // RM15.90
looks decent but i cant comment :x cause i never try LOL

Coconut nitro ice cream // RM13.90

i think it is a must-try for coconut lover! very intense-flavoured coconut ice cream. i just tried Ooh my gas in Pavilion last month, surprisingly both liquid nitrogen ice cream of OMG and The Safe Room tasted different, 
for OMG: it has a creamier and milky texture but it leads a buttery and greasy mouthfeel (sad to say that OMG is not my kind of ice cream..........)
for The Safe Room: it tasted more like a fruity sorbet to me which has a natural flavour and refreshing

Mango nitro ice cream // RM9.90

was given a bird after ordering, so cute i like it hahaha

selfie moments:

oh ya and i didnt get to try their cakes, sad.
 tiramisu is calling me! :O

catch the opportunity to snap some pics of the ice cream-making! all of the staffs were super friendly, not only letting me to take photos during peak hour and also explained the process

enjoying my free ice cream from the boss! :)

The Safe Room
Address: 42, Campbell Street, 10100, Georgetown Penang.
Phone: 016 521 2860
Opening hours: Tuesday-Thursday 11am-11pm, Friday to Sunday 11am-1am (Closed every Monday)
Facebook: The Safe Room

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