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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

enjoying my marshmallow cheesecake at Huey&Wah last Friday! Huey&Wah has recently relocated from Straits Quay to 
Belissa Row, and yes! they are still making delicious marshmallow!

my best accompany - choo eng and my jiahui jiejie ♥

and also my baby boy:

orange pekoo tea with marshmallows // RM7.50

passion fruit juice // RM9

fruit tea // RM6

marshmallow cheesecake // RM13

the cheesecake was sweet, soft and creamy! i love the cookie crumb base, a nice combination 
when had them together.

we also had their popsicles and fat baby ice cream!

we had passion fruit and lemon marshmallow, it was surprisingly good! first time 
having boink boink marshmallow in a popsicle!

Fatbaby ice cream, one of the famous handmade ice cream based in KL, had apple crumble and it was luscious!!!! a little 
saltiness of the cookie crumble and i can still bite on the crispy apple bits, so yummy!

i like the idea of sharing space with all the local creative businesses! always support local
artists and handmade products, its a good way to promote it here too. just share three of my favourite here: 

super like! all the owl pillows are so cute!!!!!!! reminds me of my beloved granny made me 
tortoises pillows but they were all gone now..... miss them so much :'(

lemongrass essential oil is my favourite!!!!

Huey&Wah also serving breakfast from only RM5!

Address: 368-1-14, Bellisa Row, Jalan Burma, 10350, Penang.
Phone: 04 228 3962
Facebook: Huey&Wah

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6 dreamers

  1. Pretty nice place, at least better than previous shop.

    1. yup previous shop too small already!

  2. Hmmm.. Quite interesting~ The Fat Baby ice cream caught my attention, how much per pint?

  3. i like the bean beg corner :) comfortable environment

    1. yes thats my favourite corner in the cafe too :D


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