A day in Zhangjiajie, China

Friday, August 15, 2014

spent two days and a night in Zhangjiajie (张家界) during my trip to China. never thought 
i would visit this place, it was far far away from my list. however, Zhangjiajie is located at the 
northwestern part of Hunan (湖南) province, one of the best place to visit for the scenic and 
historic natural forest park, and also the filming place for the scene in Avatar! 

my besties, yaying and glian having our favourite 康师傅酸菜牛肉面 in the train! we took train 
from Guangzhou (广州)  to Zhangjiajie, the journey took around 12 hours (8pm - 8am) yes 
12 hours but the time passed pretty fast cause we were chit-chatting all night long and fall asleep 
around 3am! we were quite lucky cause we bought the first class seat which four of us can be in a 
tiny private space with four beds.

super hungry so the first thing after we got off the train, we bought our breakfast at Mcd. 
my first time having pork and egg muffin (猪柳蛋) which was YUMMY!

train station of Zhangjiajie (张家界火车站)

we called the owner of our 民宿 when we reached and she drove a car to fetch us to the guesthouse.
it was only 6°c that morning and we were freezing cold, we brought only two pairs of gloves so 
each of us wore one and keep another hand in the pocket to keep it warm, very pity! 

we stayed a night at 微公馆, love this place very much! the lady boss was super friendly and 
helpful, showed us some beautiful place in Zhangjiajie but sadly we do not have much time here.

our beautiful room! 

heading for lunch and Tian Men Mountain (天门山), 
totally dont know where was ms. venus that time, sorry ah no photos for you in this post :p

surroundings of our guesthouse, a peaceful little town.

walked around 5 minutes to 农家小厨 for lunch. why 农家? because most of the restaurant 
in this place will have a big space behind the restaurant for veggie plantations, veggies were 
plucked and picked directly from the backyard! 





this was the best meal i had in China and i missed it! a lot of people said the dishes in China are 
salty and oily, i cant deny because some was really super oily, but this meal was really 
delicious and we were so satisfied that afternoon!

i looked tired here, and double-chinned :(
a selfie while waiting for the rest buying bus tickets for Fenghuang (凤凰古城) the next day.

some food stall beside the road when we were walking to Tian Men Mountain!
is that char koay teow? :p

we had some sweet potatoes! yumssssss and quite cheap, rmb2 only!

a friendly uncle who selling sweet potatoes, i admired his strength! 

went to the nearest town after we got back from Tian Men Mountain. 
we took a cab from our guesthouse costed us around rmb20

乐口福 for our dinner! one of the famous restaurant in Zhangjiajie, 
saw some good recommendations from some Taiwanese bloggers before!

not very happy with this meal, cause it was so oily until we have to get some 
water to wash the veggie and sweetcorn :(

had a walk in the town and i was really curious about the pickles stall, 
they can use anything to make pickles?

got to try this octopus, smells really good!

breakfast at 强力早餐店! the locals will usually have noodles for breakfast

a hearty meal to kick start a day! :)

it was also our last meal in Zhangjiajie, the bus for Fenghuang (凤凰古城) was around 12pm.
our 36 hours in Zhangjiajie ended super quickly, but i love this peaceful little place! my visit to 
Tian Men Mountain was a really memorable one, will save another post for that hehehe.....

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2 dreamers

  1. I have never been a fans when it comes to traveling in China, but seeing the food from your post, I feel they are all special, and makes me go like I WANT TO TRY AUTHENTIC FOOD~~~!!!

    1. me too hahaha! but seriously the food in china bu hao chi :( too oily and salty for us!


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