Bingsu bingsu! @Caffe Bene, Gurney Paragon

Friday, August 29, 2014

everybody is so excited about the opening of Caffe Bene at Gurney Paragon, finally we can have this
yummy Bingsu in Penang! went to try it out when i was in KL, it was a huge crowd in the shop and
everybody was lining up to order, can see the influences of this korean shaved ice!

Caffe Bene@Sunway Pyramid

Caffe Bene@Gurney Paragon

 loving the al-fresco area, nice place to chill at night

promotions on-going now!

menu on the wall

with my favourite strawberry bingsu! strawberry is always my favourite pick,
love Caffe Bene's strawberry bingsu because the sweetness was just nice,
adding a scoop of strawberry gelato, fruity and heavenly!

Strawberry bingsu // RM12.80 for small

Greentea bingsu // RM12.80 for small
another favorite of mine! greentea will be a perfect choice if you are not so into sweet and sourish
 strawberry. greentea flavoured shaved-ice, red beans, almond flakes and finished with whipped cream
 and a dusting of greentea powder..... yums!

Cookies & cream bingsu // RM12.80 for small
cookie and cream was a little too greasy for me, especially the whipped cream on top, 
it has a scoop of original flavoured gelato under the whipped cream, 
i really love their gelato, not too sweet, smooth and soft!

Tiramisu waffle // RM15
my first time having a tiramisu waffle, crunchy and sweet waffle topped with tiramisu ice cream.
 however, its probably best to finish this whole thing before the ice cream and cream melts 
and the waffle gets soggy.

Address: 163D-1-06, Gurney Paragon Mall
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm

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9 dreamers

  1. Jinni, you really a fan. They just opened this week. :-)

  2. U can be crowned as most efficient food blogger ! Super fast speed ! Expecting DubuDubu on ur next post.. LOL !

    1. KUAZHANG! this time nia, im always very slow :p

  3. well well well ... Greentea bingsu look yummy ...

    1. greentea bingsu is my favourite!!!! :D

  4. I would rather go for local ice kacang or cendol instead of thid. Not my liking.


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