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Saturday, August 09, 2014

a lot of friends have been asking me about Chinatown (Yaowarat Road) in Bangkok, 
some said couldn't find any nice food during day time and couldn't find the shopping
area that i went. during my latest trip last month, i managed to take some photos of
the Sampeng Market, the main market street which located in the center of Chinatown
and also the SUPER YUMMY PORK RICE that i had
 whenever i am there!

hello ♥


the shop is located at the left side of Yaowarat Road (one-way-street) just beside a 7-11,
can search for the signage of the shop (pic above). they serve very nice roasted pork, pork spareribs,
 braised pork knuckle, braised duck and thai-style koay chap!

Koay chap // 40baht

smooth and soft koay chap paired with peppery soup, super yummy!!!

Braised pork rice // 40baht
well-braised and soft, like they will melt immediately when you have it in your mouth, 
served with preserved veggie!

Roasted pork rice // 40baht

extremely crispy skin and buttery fat spreads evenly, best roasted pork ever!

double boiled soup // 40baht

and the chili sauce!!!!!!!!

it is super good too! not very spicy and it has a little sourness and the aroma of 
garlic and ginger, nice matching with all the pork rice!

and another one is this must-eat-dessert in Chinatown, it is located in the alley between the pork rice
 and 7-11, it can indeed be easily missed because the stall is not very eye-catching, but if you love all
 these dessert you have to find it and try, it is always a nice end for my roasted-pork-rice-lunch!

cheap right? 
ginkgo nuts soup (白果甜汤) is one of the must eat in Bangkok because 
thailand produces very nice ginkgo nuts! and black sticky rice(黑糯米)is also very nice in Thailand!

my mom's favourite green mung bean! its called ‘绿豆蒜’ in chinese, 
looks a little different because it is 绿豆去皮 so it is yellow here.


林真香老铺 (Lim Jing Hieng) is an old shop for over 80years selling chinese snacks, they are famous
 for their pork related products. they had once been rated as ‘最佳伴手礼’ in Bangkok! i always go for
 this ‘老铺’,instead of the ‘合记’ beside it. it might looks the same but they are different, i prefer the taste of 老铺!

猪肉松条,one of the best selling product.

selling all the local products, from dried mango, dried pineapple to cashew nuts, you named it.

猪肉丝 is my favourite and a must-buy! its crispy and tasted really really good, 
i am not really a pork lover but i really love this, one of the best pork snacks that i ever had.


Sampeng Market would be your shopping heaven if you are not so into high-end shopping! (see what 
i bought here!) most of the accessories are sold here such as bags, shoes, watches, earrings, necklaces,
 phone cases, sunglasses etc, all of them can be found in Sampeng Market. i tried really hard to snap 
some pics LOL, shopping moment just can't help!

bags from 150baht - 400baht each 

clutches from 80baht - 150baht each!

 fashion watches priced from 80baht - 25baht each.



beautiful necklaces for only 65baht!

earrings from 10baht - 120baht each

caps and hats, 100baht - 250baht each

Sampeng Market selling really nice and cheap fashion accessories, the only thing is that most of the
 shop will have minimum quantity purchase, like 65baht for each necklace but you have to buy 3
 pieces, it can be different design but it has to be in the same stall/shop. visit in a small group will be
 good, girls will have so much to buy in this place!

Sampeng Market / Chinatown
Opening hours: 8am - 6pm daily
Transport: By cab

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  1. You looks soooooo GOOD with cap on, first 2 pic! AND I MISS BANGKOKKKKK! can we go again please? =''''(

  2. 在我曼谷的记忆中,只有林真香!!!T_T

    1. 别这样~ 我们很快又会再去啦~


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